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Hitting the road for a living is a great exercise in independence — something many wouldn’t trade for the world! But when it comes to keeping relationships alive and well, truckers and their significant others face unique challenges. There are odd hours, the issue of distance persists, and the lifestyle can be difficult to manage at times. Still, there are ways truckers can build relationships to last — it just takes some effort and faith in your partner to have successful trucker dating! Here we’ll discuss tips for dating a trucker along with what it takes to find love on the road!

First of all, you’re probably wondering how trucker dating is any different than other professions — and if you’re a trucker you already know the answer! Driving around the country is something that lends itself to lots of alone time, requires lots of focus, and confronts various temptations along the way. Drivers know that once they get out on the road they are pretty much on their own. That means holding yourself accountable for a significant other and their schedule back home is sometimes strained.

As some may know, runs a podcast called Big Rig Banter. One of our episodes focuses on relationships on the road! We covered everything from online dating to cheesy trucker pickup lines you should NEVER TRY… But seriously, we ended up finding a lot of great tips for dating a trucker:

Give it a listen here:

tips for dating a trucker


Three Tips for Dating a Trucker

1. Don’t be afraid!

When people tell a love interest that they truck for a living, some may turn and run. That just means they weren’t worth pursuing anyway! Honestly though, initiating the conversation is the first and sometimes most perilous step. It’s also a huge reason behind the creation of online trucker dating sites like!

Reaching out to people has never been easier than with social media sites and those tailored to dating. With your driving schedule as it is, communication is often difficult. However, if you can find a rhythm with someone you’re interested in through a digital format, this can lead to great results!

2. Bond over More Than Trucking

One of the main things we heard during our interviews was that people are so much more than truckers! Sure, you may work as a commercial driver, but you have other personality defining interests and hobbies. Finding someone to share your interests with outside of the job is another one of our tips for dating a trucker and vice versa!

tips for dating a trucker

Using things like Skype or Facetime can make connecting on the road easier than ever!

Having things to share when you’re home from a life on the road is what can keep a relationship strong. Maybe you’re into water sports, hunting, cooking, music, reading, or whatever! The point is that no one is one dimensional and that the richest relationships are built on shared passions and interests!

3. Develop Trust

This is perhaps the most common and important tip we can give you for dating a trucker! Working long hours away from home or your significant other can be taxing on each person’s health and emotions. Being able to keep communication open is key, however, it’s also knowing when to give each other space. While it’s tempting to keep tabs on your significant other, building trust is about letting go and knowing you don’t have to worry.

This isn’t something that will happen overnight, but trust is integral to trucker relationships — especially when working out of state for long periods of time. Another great way to build trust is with team-driving jobs! If a trucker ends up dating someone else in the business, team driving jobs can be a lucrative way to bond and see new places together. Just be mindful of when it’s time to emphasize business and pleasure in each respect!

What are some tips for dating a trucker you’ve come up with? Let us know in the comments below!

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