Tips for Team Truck Drivers
Tips for Team Truck Drivers -

Tips for Team Truck Drivers

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While truck driving is normally thought of as a solitary profession, it’s sometimes the case that drivers work in pairs. There are benefits to each driving configuration but some drivers actually thrive working team driving positions! Having a co-pilot is something that can help drivers run more miles and make more money. Still, there are specific considerations to make before hitting the road. Here we’ll discuss some tips for team truck drivers and ways you can make the most out of each and every position!

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tips for team truck drivers

Tips for Team Truck Drivers

With team driver jobs, these positions usually require a haul that is much lengthier and time-sensitive than would be otherwise. While this is dangerous and difficult for many single drivers, team drivers are much more capable of meeting these requirements. Usually, the pay for these jobs is higher. However getting them done efficiently relies on the great communication and cooperation in several different ways.

Develop Your Own System

The first of our tips for team truck drivers is to develop a system for meeting shipping goals. If you’re embarking on your first team driving job or your hundredth, it’s important to continually discuss and meet each other’s expectations. This includes things like time management and determining when each driver will be able to rest before even starting the engine.

It’s possible that your dispatcher will assist in developing this system of teamwork, but it’s best to have agreeable terms before day one.

Consider Trucking with your Significant Other

It’s often noted that being away from family is one of the most difficult aspects of working as a truck driver. Notably, finding someone who you can have a romantic relationship with while working professionally is a very particular balance. Still, being able to overcome any difficulties inherent in team driving is one way to really strengthen a relationship! Having someone to share the road with while making a great salary is one of our top tips for team truck drivers.

Make Communication a Priority

Maybe it’s obvious, but the third of our tips for team truck drivers is to make communication a priority. To start, that means having both drivers actively checking in with dispatchers, supervisors, and loading docks. Relaying this information to your teammate is the next key aspect of this. If one driver learns a crucial detail while the other is asleep or out of the cab, they’ll need to do their best to keep the other informed.

On a deeper level, team driving is really about building trust and knowing the other driver is in full support of the position.

There’s nothing worse than having someone pull more weight while the other gets a free ride (and yes, that’s a pun.)

Calculate the Payout Accurately

Considering that covering more miles means getting paid more, it’s very important that each driver knows the exact amount of money they’ll be making together. The fourth of our tips for team truck drivers is to calculate your paychecks before dividing them up.

Many trucking companies will boast upwards of $70,000 a year for team drivers. Splitting that between two people then means an additional $200 or $300 more per driver. Again, if you’re driving with a significant other or someone you get along with, this is an incredible career choice!

Follow FMCSA Rules More Strictly

Although you may be fine with getting the proper amount of rest hours, doing your pre-trip inspections, and maintaining loading and unloading procedures, there are more variables with a second driver. Just because you can follow the rules exactly, doesn’t mean you aren’t also liable if your teammate makes a serious mistake. Sure, every situation is different and a review of the incident will straighten out the details. However, it’s absolutely crucial to help each other and hold your teammate accountable for maintaining the appropriate safety procedures.

Thanks for reading our tips for team truck drivers! If you’re looking for team driving jobs today, check out all of our available positions here on And if you have experience as a team driver and tips of your own, let us know in the comments below!

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