Exercises for Truckers with ‘Troy Thunder’
Exercises for Truckers with 'Troy Thunder' - AllTruckJobs.com

Exercises for Truckers with ‘Troy Thunder’

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For many truckers, their distance traveled to calories burned ratios are a little out of whack. While it’s sometimes difficult to tend to your fitness while on the road, it’s by no means impossible! Sure, you may be focused on a job well done, but finding time to incorporate some exercises for truckers into your schedule is incredibly important.

Over the past several months, AllTruckJobs’ marketing team has been producing a monthly podcast detailing trucking industry issues and much more. To really emphasize some of the healthy living tips we outlined in Episode 3 “The Mind and Body Roadmap,” we’d like to introduce you to our own trucking fitness guru, Troy Thunder here to lay the smack down and “bring the thunder!” He’ll be demonstrating some quick workouts you can perform on your rig to stay fit on the road:

5 Exercises for Truckers with ‘Troy Thunder’

Exercise 1: The Cow Catcher

exercises for truckers

Inverted push-ups are a great way to maximize your upper body workout! Start by planting your hands shoulder width apart and raising your feet while keeping your back straight. Lower your torso toward the floor and be sure to push with your elbows, shoulders, core, and upper back while exhaling.

These can be one of the more difficult exercises for truckers, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t get many reps in. Adding one or two push-ups a day will have you up to a solid number in no time at all! A good number to shoot for is around 20-30 repetitions a day.

Exercise 2: The Fender Bender

exercises for truckers

After a long day of sitting in the cab, it’s great to work some squats into your routine. Bracing yourself against your truck makes for a more efficient workout! Make sure to keep your feet shoulder width apart, maintain a straight back, and bend your knees to a 90-degree angle. Lift with your calves, thighs, and core for the best results! Try to work your way up to 30-40 repetitions a day until you can perform even more.

Exercise 3: The Lunge Lizard

exercises for truckers

To follow up with your squats, lunges can help to increase your balance and strengthen the muscles of your thighs, knees, and entire legs. To start, step a comfortable distance forward, then bend your knee at a 90-degree angle while keeping your back straight and your eyes looking forward. You’ll want to repeat the same about of repetitions for each leg to maintain symmetry. 20 repetitions per leg is a good starting number.

Don’t rush this exercise and step forward at your own pace. You can even complete this exercise in place! Note: Tongue flicking is for advanced gurus only.

Exercise 4: Abs in the Cab

exercises for truckers

Who says the bunk is only for getting your required hours of rest in for the night? Sit ups are a great go-to exercise that can keep those abdominal muscles strong. First, make sure you keep your feet on the floor — this will help you maintain the right angle during your reps. Then, simply sit up without pulling on your neck and keeping your arms bent. This will keep your shoulders aligned and focus the exercise on your abs. Try to get at least 50 repetitions in during your workout!

Remember, it’s about performing quality reps so don’t rush it. Keep track of how many you can perform each day and see how you can increase your maximum amount to stay on track!

Exercise 5: The Handyman

exercises for truckers

While you’re cooling down after your exercises for truckers, performing some hand stretches can benefit drivers who are constantly shifting gears and spinning the steering wheel. There are a variety of hand stretches, so be sure to work through any of your specific stiffness slowly and consciously to avoid further pain.

Of course, there are many more exercises for truckers to take advantage of on the road, and each one should be performed within your personal ability. Although in any case, staying active on the road, eating right, and getting the right amount of rest will keep you running like the finely tuned machines you operate on a daily basis!

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And be sure to listen to the latest episode of Big Rig Banter to stay up to date on the commercial driving industry’s trends, news, and commentary. Also a big shout out to A&S Kinard for providing us with a stellar rig for this video!

Now get out there and BRING THE THUNDER!

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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