Losing Weight as a Truck Driver
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Losing Weight as a Truck Driver

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Losing or maintaining weight is a hard thing for anyone to do. Losing weight as a busy truck driver with practically zero access to the facilities and diet you need can be even tougher. With the hundreds of hours spent driving each week, it may seem impossible to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But, there are so many options out there to help you succeed on your weight-loss journey and reach your goals.

Below are some great examples of what truck drivers can do to not only eat healthy on the road, but also exercise during their travels.

Tips for Losing Weight and Staying Healthy on the Road

Now, some drivers may say that eating decent, well-rounded meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is impossible because of limited time. And, with the amount of fast food and buffet-style truck stop restaurants, many truck drivers often overeat to compensate for missing meals while driving.

Clean, Healthy Eating

Having a healthy diet is possible, as long as you are willing to make the change to your daily routine. Losing weight starts with having the proper balance between fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins. All of which is possible with some planning.

Meal Preparation– Cooking for the week is a great tool for losing weight. Meal prep is an easy way to measure out portions and make sure you are eating what you need to at the right time of the day. There are so many great recipes that drivers can throw in the microwave or mix with warm water or milk for a meal. Prepping the week, or even night before can help save time and money. No more out of the way stops at greasy truck stops or drive-throughs.

Counting Calories– Knowing what, and how much you are putting into your body is crucial to losing weight. Just like meal prep, counting calories can be beneficial to your weight loss goals. There are so many great snack ideas to keep in a cooler or lunch box in your cabin. And if you are having trouble munching on carrots and celery, counting calories offers you a little more freedom to indulge in your favorite snacks while maintaining your restricted number of calories.

Stay Hydrated– Losing weight cannot be accomplished without drinking lots of water. Drinking a lot can seem daunting, especially when you have to sit in a truck all day; but water helps expel excess toxins in the body and flush out extra pounds. Some people have a hard time drinking their water, but there are alternative ways to meet your daily requirement. Eating fruits such as watermelons, or adding fruit to your water bottle can help change things up.

Exercising is Possible

Finding time to work out as a truck driver may not sound possible…but it is! Exercising can be fun and effective even when you’re not pumping the iron at the gym. Losing weight is an equal combination of the things you eat and exercising.

Simple Cardio– Unless you’ve been doing it for years, running can be extremely difficult. But starting out with a brisk walk every morning or can be beneficial in kickstarting your metabolism. Once you’ve built up some endurance, taking a brisk walk or jog around the truck stop area is a great way to work in some extra cardio. And don’t worry about what other people think. Chances are, they don’t care, or wish they had thought of the same idea.

Weighted Exercises– Having a cheap gym membership may be helpful if you have extended time off the road, but most likely, complete exercises during rest period are your best option. Now, you don’t have to be carrying barbells and heavy plates with you; there are great exercises you can do right in your cab. And when you are feeling like stepping out of the truck, doing squats, pushups, lifting boxes, or doing crunches are a great way to start burning fat and building muscle.  Keeping a small gym back with a few free weights or kettle-balls can add to your routine as well.

Stretching– After you’ve complete your working for the day, stretching will help you cool down and relax for your next extended time driving. Relieving your muscles after any tough job or workout is helpful in getting you ready to sit for several more hours. Even if you don’t have time for a full truck stop workout, make time to stop and do some simple stretches. Your body will thank you when you get home after a long day of sitting in a stiff driver’s seat.


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