Healthy Meal Ideas for Truck Drivers
Healthy Meal Ideas for Truck Drivers -

Healthy Meal Ideas for Truck Drivers

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One of the biggest challenges you face as a truck driver is likely the lack of options when it comes to meals. Given that you don’t have always have grocery stores readily accessible and have limited access to cooking appliances, you may opt for the more convenient, though often unhealthy, fast food options you find on the road. However, with thoughtful planning and the proper equipment, there is no reason you can’t make some healthy (and delicious) choices while on the road. Below are some healthy meal ideas for truckers that might help you get the ball rolling.

Healthy Meal Ideas for Breakfast

The most important meal of the day doesn’t have to be boring. Even though you probably want to get on the road as early as possible, it’s important that you don’t skip breakfast or you could be missing out on some serious energy while on the road. By kickstarting your day with a great meal, you will allow your metabolism to do its work and likely be less hungry throughout the day.

1. Whole-Wheat Toast and Peanut Butter

This makes for a quick and easy meal as long as you carry a toaster with you on the road. Peanut butter is easy to store and packs a lot of protein into a flavorful package.

2. Oatmeal with Berries

With six grams of protein per serving, oatmeal is another great way to start off your day. Add you favorite berries for some flavor and a serving of fruit as well!

3. Hard-Boiled Eggs

If you prefer a classic start to your day, eggs, consider preparing some hardboiled eggs when you next have a chance. They’re simple to make and usually last about a week.

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Healthy Meal Ideas for Lunch

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If you’re at all like me, you probably spend a solid portion of your morning thinking about what you have in store for lunch. Making the healthy choice here will help give you the energy you need to carry you through the rest of your afternoon and early evening.

1. Sandwich or Wrap

With sandwiches and wraps, the possibilities are endless. Although many of these possibilities may not be the most healthy, choices like a tuna sandwich can be low on calories and high on protein and other important nutrients.

2. Salad

Top a leafy salad with your favorites like grilled chicken, tomatoes, cucumber or other veggies and a light dressing and you can have a delicious, healthy, and easy mid-day meal.

3. Turkey Burger

Just because you’re trying to eat healthy doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of a delicious, juicy burger. Cook your burger in advance and reheat it in a microwave and you can have an alternative to the beef burger that is lighter on calories, fat, and saturated fat.

Healthy Meal Ideas for Dinner

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If you don’t already have a slow cooker, get one at your next stop! These are a great way to prepare a meal in advance and have it ready at whatever time you prefer to eat. Slow cookers offer a ton of different options for delicious and healthy meals. Though not all of the options below are made in a slow cooker, it will definitely improve the quality of your meals. The most important thing is to remember is to plan ahead. Otherwise, when you’re hungry and haven’t made a meal, that roadside diner will become even more tempting.

1. Chicken with Side of Your Preference

Make this entree in your slow cooker along with pasta or rice. Use your favorite seasonings to add some flavor and complete your delicious and filling meal.

2. Pot Roast

Another great use for that slow cooker, make a pot roast with your favorite veggies. This hot meal at the end of the day is something worth looking forward to.

3. Veggie Pasta Salad

You’ll need a hot plate or other means for cooking pasta for this one, but another great way to eat your veggies is mixed with pasta. By choosing the right combination your meal can taste great with or without a sauce!

Many of these meals are actually quite simple to make. Using appliances that you may already have (or can easily get) and any 12-volt outlet, you can attempt your best Food Network impression. While it is okay to eat out on occasion, those long trips can take an even greater toll on your health if you don’t eat well along the way. By choosing something a little more nutritious, not to mention cost efficient, you can help yourself to feel more alert and healthier overall. An alert and healthy driver is a safe driver and don’t we all want to drive a little safer after all? Also, eating healthy doesn’t mean that you can’t snack! There are plenty of healthy snack ideas out there for truckers!

Don’t forget to work out! 

Eating healthy is only part of it. Getting enough physical activity is also very important. Check out this five step workout plan that you can do while on the road!

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