Driver-i: Artificial Intelligence on the Road!

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Artificial intelligence makes one headline after another, but not usually alongside the trucking industry. On September 15th, San Diego-based tech company, NetraDyne unveiled a new piece of equipment right out of science-fiction called Driver-i.

What almost appears as an augmented-reality game for truckers is actually the newest in video monitoring services geared toward driver safety. Using the latest in artificial intelligence, deep learning, and what’s called a “neuromorphic approach” to video processing, Driver-i is a system with numerous benefits.

If that last sentence didn’t have you floored with information, just think how Driver-i feels processing nearly one trillion calculations per second traveling down the highway!

So what exactly does this device do? Below is a video demonstration to help put this amazing piece of technology in context, courtesy of NetraDyne:


Driver-i Is Here For You

The Driver-i platform utilizes four cameras, enabling a 360-degree field of view in order to scan roadways similar to the way a human would perceive stationary and moving objects.


NetraDyne’s Driver-i Artificially Intelligent Camera System

This system is able to calculate following distances, lane positioning, traffic lights, as well as various street signs, weather conditions, and even pedestrians. By creating dynamic video records of a driver’s experience, fleets can grade their drivers on their on-highway performance¬†to provide them with feedback and rewards for proper safety practices.

Through positive reinforcement and an emphasis on rewards, drivers can benefit from a comprehensive account of their experiences — especially when it comes to critical safety events.

When the system identifies risk triggers and other unsafe conditions, the information is immediately sent to fleet management along with a real-time evaluation of the environment and its many factors. Driver-i is able to provide an incredible amount of data usable for liability protection, risk management, and even driver training opportunities.

Big Data in a Small Package

This kind of ‘big data’ analytics is predicted to lead market growth in video safety systems over the next two to five years, as reported by industry analyst firm, Frost & Sullivan.

Although many other video monitoring services can place drivers in the hot-seat to be bombarded by criticism, the positive reinforcement of Driver-i presents a much more industry-friendly approach that is seen as an improvement to the standard event-capture-and-coach model.


Self-driving trucks have many on the edge of their seats.

Luckily, this type of artificial intelligence won’t be replacing human drivers as much as it will actually be helping them keep their jobs through providing them with positive feedback on how to improve. Additionally, fleet managers can also receive valuable information to keep everything running smoothly.

It seems like super computers are just about everywhere lately — though for safety-minded professionals NetraDyne’s Driver-i may be exactly what the industry needs. Before trucks become self-driving, autonomous vehicles, video monitoring represents one of the ways technology is helping drivers to be better at their jobs without handing their profession over to robots.


Author: Hit The Road Jack

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