Truck Driver Christmas Gift Ideas

Truck Driver Christmas Gift Ideas
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‘Tis the season for everyone to ask me what truck drivers really want for Christmas. I tell them that we just want everyone wants…to be comfortable. Great gifts are ones that are practical for our on-the-go lives. Below we’ll take a look at a handful of exciting truck driver Christmas gifts to consider!

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Truck Driver Christmas Gifts

Gift cards.

Gift cards for places that we visit frequently like Starbucks or truckstop food joints are a nice gift. Better yet, visa gift cards are ideal gifts for truckers. They can be used anywhere that takes regular cards and can be put toward anything we might need on the road. You really can’t go wrong with money.

12-Volt heated blanket.

An electric blanket that can be plugged into our cab is pretty much heaven for cold winter nights. Plus, they’re relatively affordable! There’s nothing worse than being cold in your cab. so help a trucker out with some warmth for the winter.

Cool sunglasses.

A good pair of shades is an essential item for anybody who drives for a living. If you really want to impress your trucker, buy them a pair of awesome sunglasses. A classic pair of aviators or wayfarers can make us look super cool as well as protect our eyes from the bright sun-reflected snow this winter. Consider purchasing a pair of polarized lenses for added visibility.

Handheld electronics.

Kindles, iPads, or any other sort of handheld electronic are the must-have for truck drivers these days. When we’re on the road for weeks at a time, it can get lonely and being able to browse the web or read entire books anytime is a blessing. Basic model kindles aren’t even very expensive anymore and start out around $60.

Wireless internet cards/hotspots.

Giving your trucker the ability to stay connected is much appreciated. Being able to get online wherever the road leads us is a great thing. Buy your trucker a USB-port equipped mobile connecter. Truck drivers are spending their free time on the road, blogging, catching up on social media, news, etc. just like everyone else these days so giving them the gift of connectivity is 100% a great idea this Christmas.

Mini fridge/microwave.

If you’re shopping for a trucker that has an older cab without a microwave; or if they still haven’t invested in a mini-fridge, you should definitely hook them up with one! Walmart has some cheap mini-fridges and microwaves can be as affordable as $70 on Amazon. In the long run, having a fridge and/or microwave will help your trucker save money and be able to eat healthier options than the typical truck stop meals.

A butt cushion.

When you’re job requires you to sit on your behind all day, a butt cushion really is an ideal gift. Believe me, your trucker’s butt will love you.

A portable humidifier.

Portable humidifiers like this one, attach to a bottle of water and simply connect to a USB. The air is clean of any fumes that might be coming from vehicles while on the go. This especially is a thoughtful gift for a trucker with asthma.

Snack baskets.

A great go-to for a trucker driver or anyone except someone on a diet is snacks. Getting a truck driver delectable gourmet goodies can make the long drives more pleasant. Harry & David and Costco are great places to score gift baskets bursting with the good stuff.

These are just a handful of truck driver Christmas gifts you should consider. Santa’s got a pretty good idea of what you want, but it’s always good to make a wishlist just in case!

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