Trucker’s Holiday Gift Guide

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With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to think of that special someone. They travel far and wide making special deliveries to eager customers. They work through the night in some cases, making sure everyone is satisfied. No, I’m not talking about good ol’ St. Nick, I’m talking around that special big rig buddy you have in your life. We’re here to help you give back to that trucking family member or loved one with these great gifts for truck drivers.

Holiday Gifts For Truck Drivers

GPS Device

The first item on our holiday gift guide for truckers is a GPS. Although most trucking companies have provided their employees with a GPS, getting one that your trucking friend can have all to themselves is a great holiday gift. Whether it’s finding a drop-off location in their rig, or tracking down a tricky address in their car at home, a GPS can come in handy while on the road.

gifts for truck drivers

MP3/iPhone Adapter

There’s nothing worse than being at the mercy of the local radio stations. Traveling across the country, truckers are forced to partake in an irritating game of hide-and-seek while trying to find a suitable station. Luckily, an adapter will turn any iPhone or other mobile device into a personalized radio. Using apps like Pandora or Spotify, your trucker can create their very own playlist for the road.

Electric Blanket

While many truckers will opt for a roadside motel, many choose to sleep in their cab to save money. Chilly nights can be rough for long haulers, so an electric blanket can be a great holiday gift to keep your trucker warm.

Wireless Headset

A wireless headset can be a great gift for those on the road. A wireless headset allows truckers to communicate with employers, customers, and more importantly, family while still keeping their eyes on the road.

Safety Kit

All truckers should already have one in their rig. However, they’re not always up-to-date. A proper safety kit including a flashlight, road flares, and rain gear, can put a trucker’s mind at ease while on the road.

trucker safety kit

Personalized Mud Flaps

Show your favorite trucker how well you know him or her by purchasing personalized mud flaps. Whether they feature his or her favorite movie character or band, they will make a statement wherever your favorite trucker goes.

XM Satellite Radio

Another music option for your favorite trucker is Sirius XM radio. Commercial-free and host to a variety of music, sports, politics, and talk channel, this can be a great holiday gift for truckers.

USB/Power Converter

Unfortunately, not all rigs are properly equipped with the right outlets to charge phones and other electrical devices. A USB adapter or other forms of adapters will allow your trucker to charge their electronics without having to worry about finding the correct outlet.


If your favorite trucker is a bibliophile, a Kindle can be the perfect gift so they can satisfy their literature needs on the road. With a library of thousands of books, a Kindle will allow truckers to read everything from Mark Twain to Stephen King while on the road.

kindle cases arranged by color

Dash Cam

We don’t have to tell you about all the crazy stuff your trucker runs into on the road- you know from first-hand experience. While some drivers consider dash cams an invasion of privacy, they can come in handy when needed to prove a truckers innocence in accidents or other issues you the trucker might receive a ticket for.

What’s on your wish list? Share with us in the comments below! Still need ideas… check out this podcast!

These are just a handful of our favorite gifts for truck drivers. What do you have on your wishlist? Comment below!

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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  2. Great Article Troy Diffenderfer. Best Suggestions to gove Holiday Gifts For Truck Drivers

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    Great article, I really liked the suggestion of a trucker GPS or a wireless headset. Those two things are what I use the most when i drive!

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