The “Dancing Trucker”: John Drury’s Inspiring Story

The “Dancing Trucker”: John Drury’s Inspiring Story
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Last week, one of the crew at AllTruckJobs got the opportunity to have an impromptu video chat with the famous “Dancing Trucker.” John Drury, has lost nearly 100 lbs since he began his innovative workout routine in 2011.

Drury, a Cincinnati truck driver, is the last person you’d typically expect to see at the local Zumba class. But behind John’s tall stature and rugged demeanor, lives the heart of a wildly passionate dreamer who can tear up a rug to hits from the likes of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Dancing is what he referred to as his “exercise in disguise.”

John Drury admits he always kind of struggled with weight, but after getting his CDL he became more concerned about it. There’s no surprise there. We all know how difficult it can be to keep in shape when you’re constantly on the road. In fact, truckers top the list of one of the nation’s most “overweight occupations.” These days, Drury is still a full-time driver, but takes every opportunity he gets to bust some moves.

Drury got his start with Zumba, after he became involved in a “Biggest Loser” competition that was being held by the local radio station, KISS107. His competitive nature and free membership led him to the gym where he  stumbled upon a Zumba class. Despite being probably the only man dancing there, he still felt like he belonged, even from the beginning.

When asked if he had any tips for truck drivers that wanted to lose weight, he said, “Just keep it simple. Don’t rack your brain with weight-loss. And what I want to preach is that losing weight is free.” He also is an avid Subway fan for picking up healthier food options on the road.

According to Drury, the place healthy lifestyles come from is your head and your heart.

John Drury currently offers weight loss classes where people can pay a small $5 fee to attend. However, he would never turn away someone who couldn’t afford to pay. That’s not the type of guy John is. He says there’s 3 generations of women that he can expect in his dance classes he leads; from children to seniors.   In the future, John dreams of possibly releasing some Zumba videos to help others achieve healthy lifestyle habits in a fun way.  He has a mission and a vision…and to him, “the vision is more important than anything.”

You can follow John’s incredible and inspiring journey on his twitter @bigjohnstrucking and catch some of his super cool videos on his youtube channel.


Author: Hit The Road Jack

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