9 Trucking Bloggers You Should Know About

9 Trucking Bloggers You Should Know About
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The term “blog” first came about in the late 1990’s. Blogging became a creative outlet for countless people so anyone who wished could openly share their thoughts and read others’ could do so. But, before the internet became what it is today, truckers were not able to freely share their experiences with the world so easily. Now, non-truckers are able to get a glimpse of the industry from people who love it and are kind enough to share it. More importantly though, truckers can now relate to fellow drivers’ experiences as well.

I tracked down my favorite trucking “internet-personalities” whom I personally feel best capture life on the road and post frequently. Here (in alphabetical order, because I could not dare to definitively rank these bloggers/vloggers (video bloggers) I’ve listed my go-to who also happen to be truck drivers. I’ll leave it up to you to decide your favorites, but these are the professional driver bloggers you should definitely  know about.

About Truck Driving

The tagline for the Trucker Dump podcast/blog says it all: One driver’s insights and sometimes humorous views of truck driving and the trucking industry… and anything else he feels like dumpin’ on ya.

It is designed for anyone interested in trucking, whether that be current truckers, new drivers, prospective drivers or even non-truckers who are simply just interested in the trucking lifestyle. His goal is to give people a view into trucking so that they might think twice before flipping that trucker the double-bird as you drive stupid around their truck. And as you can see, he takes himself very, very seriously.

Todd McCann is a 17-year trucking veteran and the author and creator of the Trucker Dump podcast/blog, which launched in 2009. He’s a nonjudgmental Christian, an awesome uncle, and a 20-year-long husband to The Evil Overlord, which is a name she knows and willingly accepts… mostly because it’s true.

Follow Todd on Twitter
Read or listen to the Trucker Dump blog/podcast
The Trucker Dump podcast can be found in the iTunes store, on Stitcher and TuneIn Radio, Podcast Gallery, and in the Microsoft and BlackBerry podcast directories. Or simply search for “Trucker Dump” in your favorite podcast app.

Todd profile


Allie Knight

Allie Knight is a young female trucker with a quirky personality, an ever-growing following, and a love for the open road. Her over 13k channel-followers agree that this self-proclaimed “weird chick from Boston” will captivate you with her amusing YouTube channel which she updates daily!

According to Allie: “I explore the country looking for freight, earning an honest living doing the kinds of driving that make civilized life possible for the rest of us. Join me on my epic journey throughout the US with Reginald, my Freightliner, and Tom, my GPS.”

You can follow Allie Knight’s “epic journey” even more on AllieKnight.com and on twitter.



Big Cat Trucker

In 2009, Rick Sylvester, a truck driver from Houston, Texas, started The BigCat Trucker Show YouTube channel. Quickly, his web presence got the attention of the company he drove for and he was appointed official spokesperson where he featured his signature catchphrase “Go big, or go home!”

His popularity landed him a Travel Channel original web series where even more people got to see Rick’s amusing trucking chronicles.

Follow him on twitter or Instagram,



The “Dancing Trucker”

John Drury is a driver from Cincinnati with a claim-to-fame from dancing his way into losing about 100 lbs. Although he does not keep daily written blogs, he keeps active with his followers on Twitter and YouTube. The reason I chose him for this list is his dedication to fitness. His video channel has fitness routines he puts together himself that serves as inspiration for truckers everywhere. Keeping active is a major issue, especially for truck drivers who are known for sedentary lifestyles.

Read more about John.

Follow him on YouTube and Twitter.



Daniel Bridger

“I’ve been posting on my blog for couple years now, mainly as a hobby, trying to provide interesting reading material that helps and entertains drivers,” says Daniel Bridger who has been operating Daniel S Bridger’s Trucking Blog since 2012. As a truck driver with about 33 years of experience under his belt, Daniel reaches out to lend some of his knowledge to fellow drivers, especially younger ones.

Matt, me & Dan


The Healthy Trucker

“Being “healthy” has different meanings for different people, but every truck driver has room to be “healthier” in some area of life. No matter what your fitness level or goals might be, The Healthy Trucker has highly useful information to help you on your journey,” according to Derek McClain of TheHealthyTrucker.net.

Derek Healthy Trucker

The Healthy Trucker originated in September 2012 during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. According to them, their mission is simple–to provide realistic advice on how to live a happier, healthier life as a truck driver.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 4.26.58 PM


The Jade & John Show

Jade and John are a fun-loving couple that love “goofing off,” trucking, and making videos. Jade & John run a popular YouTube channel that follows their journey and over 11,000 subscribers regularly tune-in.

Follow Jade & John on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.



Long Haul Magazine

Long Haul Magazine delivers everything and anything a driver needs to “improve their quality of life on the road.” Everything from finance to cooking tips is explored by LHM. Like many modern blogger’s, they put on emphasis on the importance of healthy living for drivers.



Trucker Josh

Trucker Josh chronicles his career daily on his YouTube channel. For over 3 years Josh and his trusty pooch, Diesel, have been posting the “Trucking Life” videos and gaining a big fan-base. Trucker Josh’s page has over 31,000 followers! Vlogging  has become “who he is” now, he says.

According to Josh, “Love life, stay positive, and keep trucking! You can follow ‘My Trucking Life’ daily on YouTube.”

Follow him on twitter.



Author: Hit The Road Jack

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  2. These trucking bloggers are very helpful. It will give the recent news and tips for the industry and will definitely help a lot with people who are in this job.

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  3. Another great trucking YouTube channel is http://youtube.com/life on the road 7th

    His name is Ray and has been producing videos for three years about his adventures driving the highways of Canada..

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  4. I actually started my own trucking channel on YT. Iv’e started this series of videos from before i actually bought a truck and trailer and even customers. I show how i started and operate the business from scratch. I hope this channel inspires and teaches a lot of people on becoming entrepreneurs.

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  5. I started my site to help people determine if they were compatible for the trucking lifestyle and then to help them make trucking a successful career.

    (I won trucker of the year twice. Once and company driver and once as owner operator. Retired after only 13 years of driving)
    videos, free success pdf, interviews and blog

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  6. Great list of trucking blogs!

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  7. they should of had big rig talk on here

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  8. Man this makes me miss being out on the road. I had to retire after 20+ years behind the wheel and sell my truck, but I sure do miss it; these blogs are a great reminder of those days.

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  9. I would love to get in touch with the trucking bloggers to get their insight into industry 😉 It’s always great to see what they do!

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  10. You have shared the best trucking bloggers which are very helpful to get the latest information for the industry. I really enjoyed while reading at the end. Visit for more details!

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  11. Trucker Josh is an ignorant racist bigot, publically posts hate messages like ‘go back home’ on immigrants posts on Facebook. Please remove him from your list

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