Studying for the CDL
Studying for the CDL -

Studying for the CDL

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So you’ve figured out what type of CDL license you want to get and will potentially attend CDL school. But what about taking and studying for the CDL test? For some, test taking can cause severe anxiety and there are a lot of different sections to go over when studying for the CDL written exam.

Drivers have to know driving safety, how to transport cargo or other passengers, different break systems, handling hazardous materials, inspections and so much more, it can be quite overwhelming. Luckily there are many study tips out there to help you become a better test taker and pass the CDL written test the first try!

Studying for the CDL: Tips and Tricks

Other than the obvious fact that you are taking a test to determine your job, studying for the CDL written test is no different than studying for any other tough exam. Here are some tips and tricks to help you when studying for the CDL exam:

The Helix Method

Think of studying as a merry-go-round; always come back around to the spot after you moved on just a little further. For example, skip chapter one of you study guide, then read it. Then, skim and read the next chapter. Take a break, then go back skimming and rereading any highlighted information you found important. The goal of this method is to keep each section fresh in your mind.

Practice Tests

There are so many practice tests out there for the CDL test and there one of your greatest allies. These practice tests will help you get familiar with the typical questions asked on the real exam. They may not be the exact question you will see on the final, but they often highlight weak areas you can improve on.

Read the Entire Question and Go with Your Gut

Always read through each question twice before looking at the answers, and don’t rush. And if you feel confident in your first choice, go with it. Your gut answer is usually the best answer, so don’t over think anything.

Pay Attention to Tricks

When going through practice questions and ultimately, your questions on the final, pay attention to tricks. Pay attention to answers with absolutes. If an answer contains words like “never,” “greatest,” or “always,” carefully read every aspect. If a question contains the word “except,” or the phrase “which is NOT true,” pay more attention to the answer choices as those words are meant to trip you up.

For even more information on CDLs check out this interesting podcast and listen to a discussion about trucking schools and what you can expect!

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