Highest Paying Trucking Jobs and States

Highest Paying Trucking Jobs and States
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Workers in every sector are generally concerned with maximizing their earnings. It is no surprise that many truck drivers feel that way too. For drivers who want to optimize their truck driver salary, there are a few things you can do. However, it is work considering the highest paying trucking jobs and states first. Of course, regardless of how much you earn, it is important to be responsible with money. This said finding a job that pays more on average is never a bad thing! If you’re ready to learn about what states and jobs have the highest paying salary, read on!

Highest paying trucking jobs

Highest Paying Trucking Jobs

  1. Specialty Car Haulers

    Delivering any kind of vehicle can provide a higher rate of pay than is standard. This said delivering specialty cars allows drivers to earn even more money for their work. Specifically, delivering luxury vehicles often pays more than delivering other standard vehicles. Transport drivers earn a median pay of roughly $73,000 per year but can earn up to $120,000 in a year as well.

  2. Oversize Loads

    Whether oversize loads are double wide, or simply an overload truck, this specialty requires significant expertise. As such, the drivers who haul oversize loads must complete additional training and obtain the appropriate certification. Given the necessary skill level, these drivers could earn upwards of $100,000 per year. Take a look at some of the unique jobs available here.

  3. Ice Road Trucking

    While ice road trucking certainly requires an advanced level of experience and skill, these drivers are really compensated for the additional risk they accept. Since icy road conditions can prove dangerous but deliveries still need to be made, ice road truckers can earn a handsome paycheck. Even if you only driver for part of the year, ice road truckers could earn between $20,000 to $75,000 in only a few months.

  4. Liquid Hauling

    Given that liquid hauling often requires truckers to transport hazardous materials, these drivers are compensated for the additional danger they take on. Additionally, driving liquid cargo requires extra training and skill. The combination of these two factors make these the highest paying trucking jobs with a median salary of $54,000 and an upper pay limit of $120,000.

  5. Dump Truck Driving

    Operating heavy machinery is no easy task. Yet, most construction sites require the use of a dump truck at some point or another. Given the immense availability of these jobs, dump truck driving is another one of the highest paying trucking jobs. This job is unique because there are so many different settings and locations around the world with a need for dump truck drivers. These jobs are certainly worth exploring if you’re interested in earning a little extra money!

Highest Paying Trucking States

  1. North Dakota

    North Dakota is an excellent state for truckers for two reasons. First, no other state has a higher annual mean wage for truck drivers. Second, there are nearly 30 truck drivers to every 1000 workers meaning that this is a popular job too. The annual mean salary for truckers in North Dakota is $53,720.

  2. Alaska

    While you may immediately think of ice road truckers when you think of Alaska, it turns out that, on average, truck drivers earn more in general in this state as well. The annual mean wage for truck drivers in Alaska is $53,480.

  3. Massachusetts

    Massachusetts may not have the most truck drivers of any state, but it is certainly one of the best paying states for truckers. In Massachusetts, the annual mean wage for truck drivers comes in above the national average at $49,920.

  4. Nevada

    If you’re interested in driving out west, definitely consider trucking jobs in Nevada. On average, these are the highest paying trucking jobs in any western state. The annual mean wage for drivers in Nevada is just shy of Massachusetts at $49,590.

  5. District of Columbia

    While the District of Columbia is not a state, the Bureau of Labor Statistics includes it on its list of the top paying states for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers. The annual mean wage of truck drivers in Washington D.C. is $49,280.


Ultimately, there is no single way to find the highest paying trucking jobs. Since there are so many variables at play, including some that are outside of your control, it is worth exploring many different options. Typically jobs that require great expertise and present greater risks are higher paying. Surprised by any of these statistics? Let us know in the comments below!

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