GATS 2016: Track5Media’s Journey to Dallas!

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If you’re anywhere near the trucking industry then it’s likely that GATS 2016 is on your calendar. As The Great American Trucking Show kicks off, there’s literally tons to look forward to. With over 500,000 feet of space for exhibits, it’s good to know what’s what before running wild.

Just as the weather starts to cool in Pennsylvania, Track5Media is jumping right back into the Texas heat for a much-needed trip with As a company that functions primarily over the phone and online, finding face time with clients is nearly impossible. GATS is basically the only opportunity AllTruckJobs gets to really show clients we’re in it for the long haul.

Meet the GATS 2016 Team

GATS 2016

Come out and meet the ATJ team! From left: Oliver, Tara, Jillian, Kelsey, and Sean.

This year’s squad consists of Sean and Tara (sales), Jillian and Kelsey (accounts), Steve (web development), and Track5Media’s president, Oliver.

After loading up the supplies, we got a brief feel for their journey ahead:

What excites you most about attending GATS 2016?

Tara: “Being able to meet new prospects, as well as talking with current clients. These are people I talk to on a daily basis and they’re from all over the nation. It’ll be nice to meet them face to face — and how cool is Dallas!?”

What’s something you’d like GATS attendees to know about

Jillian: “Other than how awesome we are?! Really though, our brand and our site really are a huge departure from the other job boards out there. With all that we are able to offer to our clients as well as to the applicants that come to our site, there’s no match. Additionally, we have the best team to work side by side with to get the best results possible and meet their needs.

Is there anything you’re hoping to see in Dallas?

Oliver: “Looking at all the pimped out trucks never gets old. The competitions for the coolest looking truck are always a big hit. I also love the restaurants in Dallas. My favorite is Stampede 66 — try the honey infused chicken — it’s life changing!”

The Main Events

In addition to Overdrive’s much-anticipated Pride and Polish Truck Beauty Competition, Red Eye Radio will host the final round of its singing competition. Other events include the Most Beautiful Trucker competition, featuring women truckers — a demographic comprising less than 7 percent of the nation’s 3 million truck drivers. More than a beauty pageant, the event calls attention to the fact that women can haul just as much as the boys — and still look great doing so. The hope is that more women are inspired to see trucking as a viable career path.

GATS 2016

Check out the Discovery Pavilion this year at GATS.

Entertainment aside, GATS 2016 will feature a revamped Discovery Pavilion. The area will include a variety of products that attendees can experience, and learn about new tools they can use on the road.

One thing that always makes GATS a great event is its ability to connect the family-run businesses to the national corporate offices. It shows that the trucking community is a vast industry of all different types of people, united by their love of the road and service to America.

What We’re Hauling This Year

This year, AllTruckJobs is bringing the A-game. Stop by to meet our sales and accounts teams face-to-face after you pick-up a free hat and brownie. You’ll quickly find that we’re much more than your average job board, providing features and support every mile of your journey.

You’ll also have a chance to get a first look at our newest product, Big Rig Banter. Featuring the latest industry news and insider commentary, this podcast will keep you informed and ready for the road. Tune in, and let the conversations roll!

GATS 2016

Coming soon: Big Rig Banter, your source for trucking industry trends, topics, and more!

No matter what your niche in the trucking industry happens to be, GATS 2016 has something for you. The ability to meet so many like-minded people in one place makes connecting easy. As the show kicks off Friday, AllTruckJobs is ready and waiting to share our industry-preferred job board.

We hope to see you all on the showroom floor of 2016’s Great American Trucking Show!

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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