Combating Bad Posture While Driving

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Most people would be jealous of a driver’s work environment. Not only do they get to hit the open road, but they also get to stay off their feet while doing it. While those engaging in careers like nursing or retail where they often spend hours on end on his or her feet, truckers enjoy the freedom of sitting during a shift. However, taking a load off while working isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause some serious issues. This is why posture is so important when you’re spending long periods of time in the cab. Bad posture while driving can lead to neck, back, and leg issues that could leave you in serious pain while you’re on the road. Below we’ll take a look at some great tips for combating bad posture while driving.

Combating Bad Posture While Driving

Adjust Your Seat

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Well, unfortunately, many drivers have a seat position that’s causing back discomfort. One of the most difficult things is diagnosing what exactly is causing your back pain. In many cases, truckers won’t actually feel pain while on the road, but as soon as they stop to rest or stretch, then they begin to take notice of some serious back pain. You might feel comfortable in your seat right now, but it’s worth adjusting it to see if it could be the truck for combating bad posture while driving. We tend to slouch when driving because it’s what feels most comfortable. Unfortunately, it could do some serious damage in the long run.

Use Lumbar Support

No, it’s not a pool noodle or a weird pillow for your dog. A lumbar support actually could be exactly what you need when combating bad posture while driving. These are low-cost round pillows that can be used while sitting to help maintain the forward curve in your low back. The pillow pushes your lower back forward to maintain correct posture. If your car does not have in-built lumbar support into the seat, consider using a rolled-up towel or a small pillow instead. Just make sure that you are not over pronouncing the curve of your lumbar arch. You can even use lumbar support while you’re out of the cab. Many truckers will use it when eating or relaxing at home.

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It might not seem like driving a truck is an extremely intensive gig, but it’s important that you limber up before, during, and after you hop in the cab. Even our pal Troy Thunder knows a thing or two about working out while on the road. You can even stretch while on the road. In order to maintain could posture, some truckers will arch his or her back so they’re overstretching. This will train the body to maintain a similar position and will create a much more comfortable ride. When in doubt, get out! The easiest thing for combating bad posture while driving is to actually get out of your rig and stretch. Whether you’re stopping to drop off a load, grab a bite to eat, or simply taking a few minutes to enjoy the sights, make sure to get out and stretch. Just a few minutes of stretching can help you feel energized and can certainly help deal with persistent back pain.

Watch What You Wear

This might seem like an odd request, but what you wear actually can have a big impact on your posture. Tight fitting clothing can often be restraining and at the end of the day, it’s just plain uncomfortable. This is why it’s important that you try to wear loose fitting clothing that gives you a full range of motion. Not only will it help with posture, but it’s good for driver safety as well.

If you’ve got any other tips or tricks for combating bad posture while driving, feel free to drop them in the comments below!

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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