Why We NEED to Invest in Truck Drivers

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It seems like everywhere we turn these days we’re seeing an unlimited stash of cash being pumped into advanced dispatch software, designer new rigs that drive themselves, yadda yadda yadda. Money seems to be going everywhere but to the driver’s pockets. Yet, more and more we are putting regulations and stress on the drivers when instead maybe we should be giving them more attention and benefits. It’s time we put our money where it belongs—-the driver’s bank account.

Lower the turnover of truck drivers

According to the American Trucking Association, both small and large trucker companies saw over 90% turnover rates last year. Due to the driver shortage, bigger companies are stealing drivers away from the smaller ones offering better benefits but leaving other seats emptied. It’s a catch-22. We’re not attracting new drivers at the rate we used to because we aren’t investing in them, but the drivers we have we are stealing from each other with need to shelf out more resources

Fewer accidents.

If we offered more incomes to the hard working drivers instead of just getting more and more inexperienced drivers on the roads, then a great deal of accident prevention would occur. Motivational programs could be put into place like safe driving bonuses are an incentive for drivers to be extra careful behind the wheel.

Lower insurance rates, lower company costs.

If we invested more training into our drivers, we would also have fewer accidents translating into less money being poured out for insurance.

More joining the industry.

When employee satisfaction increases, the general interest in the industry grows. Paying drivers fairly and giving them an experience in a job where they can feel properly trained, appreciated, and just taken care of by their employer. Opportunities for growth with promotions and added attention to their talents will

Resolve the shortage.

Despite some naysayers saying that the driver shortage is unfixable, I have to believe that they are totally wrong. But, until we can finally get all trucking companies to give their employees proper training, more deserving pay, and chances to grow within the company we are only going to see underserved transportation areas as we continue to face more issues like high insurance rates, lots of accidents, and a hard time filling jobs.

Let’s get our priorities straight. Together, let’s come together to realize that the truck driving shortage affects everyone. In order to rebuild a once vibrant and prosperous career out of the transportation industry, let’s start investing in our biggest assets. (Aka, the drivers.) And, that’s all I have to say on this topic. Until next time, over and out.

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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  1. I’ve said that there never was a driver shortage. People just don’t want to come into this industry or stay in trucking because of the pay.the lack of home time and the disrespect that we receive from shippers and reciver

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