What Motivates Truck Drivers to Keep a Positive Attitude?

What Motivates Truck Drivers to Keep a Positive Attitude?
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The secret to happiness is not money, fame or recognition. The secret to happiness is to re-think your outlook on life and re-frame your perspective. By framing your world, you can actually persuade yourself into happiness and contentment. Truck drivers sometimes find this difficult when faced with adversity to keep themselves going.

The trucking industry expects a lot from drivers. They expect you to be high-energy, flexible to many situations, and resilient to boredom. The trick to loving your job is to be your own incentive. What do I mean? I mean, that you are the only one that can get yourself excited about every day you live. You are in charge of your feelings and the only one that can fix them. Here’s some ways truck drivers keep themselves positively motivated.

1. Engaging your senses comfortably. 

Truck drivers obviously spend a lot of time behind the wheel. And although the visual outdoor scenery is constantly changing on the road, your personal bubble and how items interact with your five senses can have an immense effect on your mood. Something as simple as buying a scented air freshener, that reminds you of home, or a new CD of your favorite band to listen to can elevate your mood.

2. Filling your life with positive people.

Sometimes, over the road truck driving can get lonely. But, it’s important to touch base frequently with important people in your life. ESPECIALLY, ones that will provide you with support. If you’re finding that many of your relationships with people revolve around mutually complaining, I suggest you rethink their influence on your life. You know how “birds of a feather tend to fly together?” That is that saying that basically says that we easily become like the company we keep. So, if you fill your life with people who share optimistic attitudes, you’re likely to pick up on the same vibes and become happier. The same trend happens with negative people so be weary of these types of toxic people. They may just put you in a sour mood, too.

3. Acknowledging when you achieve a goal.

When you feel overwhelmed at the tasks you must accomplish, it’s important to celebrate when you cross things off your “to-do” list. Whether it be by physically crossing items off a list or by treating yourself to a special thing to reward yourself, making a bit of a happy moment will motivate you to get more things done. It is nice to know there’s a positive light at the end of the tunnel when we are productive.

4. Dropping the negative attitudes.

When you realize that no one is entitled to anything in this life, you realize that hard work isn’t a bad thing. Rather, keeping things going is the sign of a strong person. Dropping negative thoughts you have about yourself will also help drop the negative attitude. Instead, fill your mental dialogue with motivational mantras to keep you going. Another thing you need to do is to stop comparing yourself to others. Do what you need to do to achieve your goals within YOUR circumstances, not someone else’s.

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