2018 Trucker Trivia Contest | Meet the Winner
2018 Trucker Trivia Contest | Meet the Winner - AllTruckJobs.com

2018 Trucker Trivia Contest | Meet the Winner

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He’s only been driving for about four years, but he sure knows a thing or two about trucking. Jordan Laventure won AllTruckJobs’ Trucker Trivia contest during the 2018 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Truck drivers could enter the contest by answering a trivia question per day on our Facebook page. Every time that they answered a question right, they were entered for a chance to win! Jordan answered several of the true/false questions correctly and just happened to be randomly selected as the winner. As a result, he received a $100 Amazon gift card. Luckily for us, he agreed to an exclusive interview so that we can get some insight into what it’s like for him as a truck driver in Pennsylvania. Check out the interview below!

Trucker Trivia Contest Winner Interview

Trucker trivia

1. How long have you been driving?

I have been driving for different companies since I was 19, worked my way up to a district manager at the company I work for now.

2. How old are you?

I am 23

3. Where are you from?

Lititz, PA

4. What type of driver are you?

Pick-up and Delivery driver for FedEx

5. What type of freight do you haul?

Mostly residential and business bulk

6. What company do you drive for?


7. What made you decide to become a truck driver?

I have always enjoyed driving, and making a living doing something I love has always appealed to me. The independence is nice too, I can’t imagine being stuck in an office all day. My office is the road.

8. What’s your favorite part about being a truck driver?

Constantly being on the move, never having to stay in one place, and getting to explore new areas, even though I am in a huge truck.

9. What do you plan to spend your gift card on?

Things to make my workday go by a bit smoother: a new water bottle, and a Bluetooth speaker for music.

10. Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fellow truck drivers out there?

Let’s just keep being safe and loving what we do.

Again, a huge thanks to Jordan and everyone else who participated in our Trucker Trivia contest! We had a great time coming up with questions and interacting with our followers. Until next year!

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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