Truck Driving Jobs With No Experience | Gear Towards Your Future
Truck Driving Jobs With No Experience | Gear Towards Your Future -

Truck Driving Jobs With No Experience | Gear Towards Your Future

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So, you’ve just passed your CDL test and now you’re on the hunt for a job. You may have heard about all of the great benefits that come with being a truck driver, but you’re not really sure how to start your life after CDL school. But don’t worry, this is normal. Beginning any career can be nerve-wracking. This is especially when you’ve poured so much effort into learning a new skill like truck driving. Luckily, AllTruckJobs is here to help you along the way! Continue reading for a brief guide to finding truck driving jobs with no experience.truck driving jobs with no experience

Truck Driving Jobs With No Experience | Getting Started

One of the most important elements of launching your career as a truck driver is to broaden your job search. As a trucking school graduate, I’m sure you know that there are many different types of vehicles you can drive with your new CDL license. Whether it’s dry van, flat bed, reefer, tanker, or another type of truck, you need to decide which type of trucking jobs you’re comfortable with and apply for as many as possible. Remember that your CDL also gives you the ability to operate delivery trucks, construction equipment, and passenger vehicles. So, keep those jobs on your radar as they are all great truck driving jobs with no experience required. If nothing else, you can use them as a stepping stone to gain experience and land a more ideal job. 

Truck Driving Jobs With No Experience | The Resume and Interview

Once you’ve determined which types of trucking jobs you want to pursue, it’s time to start gearing your resume towards them. Since you’re just starting out, you need to use this resume to highlight your relevant skills. And yes, you’ll probably have to create more than one resume as you apply to different jobs. This list can include anything from specialized training to your physical and technical abilities. As long as you think it’ll help you get that specific job, add it. Some drivers may not think that a resume is necessary. But, it’ll definitely set you apart from other applicants by making you look more professional and interested in the position. For more information about building the perfect truck driver resume, check out this blog post

Preparing for your first few truck driving interviews can be stressful, but we’ve got a lot of tips for these situations too. Remember to be early, rehearse your pitch, and try to relax before you go in. Calling you in for an interview means that the company is already interested in hiring you, you just have to prove that you’re the best candidate for the job! As always, we at AllTruckJobs have plenty of resources available to new drivers entering the industry. So, head over to our Big Rig Banter podcast and blog for a more in-depth look on landing your first trucking job!

Truck Driving Jobs With No Experience | Your Options

Now that you know a little bit about getting started as a new driver, let’s talk about your options. Here are three companies we work with that offer truck driving jobs with no experience required!

Werner Enterprises

If you’re a new driver who cares about company values, Werner Enterprises is the place for you. In addition to providing flexible schedules and on-the-job training, Werner Enterprises has also received many awards such as 2019 Top Green Provider and 2019 Best for Vets Employer. For a carrier committed to sustainability, quality, and inclusion, a new driver should definitely check out Werner Enterprises.

Roehl Transport 

Roehl Transport prides itself on developing the skills of new drivers. They even offer up to $6,000 tuition reimbursement if you decide to become a driver for them. Working for this award-winning company is a great way to jumpstart your trucking career because they’ll provide you with competitive pay, safety, and even team-driving opportunities so that you can learn from more experienced drivers!

Swift Transportation

Landing a job with Swift Transportation as a new driver gives you plenty of opportunities to advance your trucking career. Being a highly-reputable carrier, gaining experience here can give you the chance to grow and receive better compensation down the line. Swift Transportation does not require previous job experience, so they’ll help you launch your career by providing additional training to quickly enhance your skillset. 

If you’re ready to land your first trucking job, browse our available positions today! AllTruckJobs is a job board that helps truckers findthe best driver jobs in the industry. So, take advantage of our premium resources today! And if you have any additional questions for us, drop them in the comments below!

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