Truck Driver Benefits | Top Perks You Could Land as a Trucker

Truck Driver Benefits | Top Perks You Could Land as a Trucker
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You want to be a truck driver, and you’re hunting for the perfect job. There are so many options out there, so what criteria do you use when narrowing down your choices? When looking for trucking jobs there are several things to consider, like driver type, whether you want to be a long-haul driver or stay closer to home, and what type of freight you want to haul. You weigh out the pay per mile and bonus potential as you look at all of your options. As you do this, keep in mind that one thing can make certain trucking jobs stand out above the others and that is the type of truck driver benefits being offered.

Here at AllTruckJobs, we have a pretty good pulse on the trucking industry. We work with hundreds of trucking companies to help them recruit talent. Part of that means we help them brag about the amazing benefits that they offer to drivers. There are some truck driver benefits that stand out above the rest, and then there are some industry standards to keep an eye out for when you’re looking for a new trucking job. Let’s break it down!

Video! Our Favorite Truck Driver Benefits We See on AllTruckJobs

Here are some exceptional truck driver benefits that we’ve seen companies post within their job listings on the AllTruckJobs website. Check it out!

To summarize some of the unique benefits that companies are advertising on AllTruckJobs:

  • College tuition coverage for drivers and their families
  • College scholarship opportunities for children of drivers
  • Exclusive truck driver vacation resorts where drivers and their families can stay
  • 401k match opportunities with pretty impressive percentages
  • A guarantee that all drivers get to be home for Christmas Day

Popular Truck Driver Benefits Across the Industry

The benefits listed above are very unique to specific companies. However, when you’re looking for a new trucking job, it’s important to know what some industry standard benefits are. Companies are all competing for talent, and they are looking for new and creative ways to keep drivers from leaving. That’s why you’ll see some pretty similar benefit offers across the board such as:

  1. Competitive pay: Although pay can differ depending on your driver type and experience, a general average for a first-year trucking job is about $45,000.
  2. Medical and dental insurance: Many carriers will also offer you medical and dental insurance if you choose to utilize it. Although the policies can vary, it can often be a better option for you to take insurance through your employer than trying to handle it on your own.
  3. Life insurance: Life insurance is another basic benefit that you’ll likely see carriers offering, but just like medical insurance, policies can vary.
  4. 401k plans: Although not all 401k plans come with the high match that was mentioned in the video above, many companies offer drivers some option to save for retirement.
  5. Paid time off: Time out of the cab is very important, especially if you’re a long haul driver, so the ability to take days off throughout the year is a pretty important benefit in this industry.
  6. Team driving: For you introverts out there, team driving might not sound like a benefit. However, team driving is a way for you to make more money while doing less driving. Although it’s a personal preference and a lot to consider, you may find that looking for companies who allow team driving is ideal for you. If you’re interested in learning more about team driving, check out our podcast episode and hear directly from a team of drivers!

Listen here!

What other unique benefits have you seen as you’re searching for trucking jobs? Share with us in the comments below!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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