Interview Tips for Truckers | The Basics

Interview Tips for Truckers | The Basics
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Although the inside of your cab is not exactly an executive office, truck drivers are true, career-oriented professionals nonetheless. Sure, being out on the road requires a great deal of dedication and hard work, but at least you’re not forced into that stuffy suit and tie every day! And yet, despite the freedom to keep your workspace casual, you’ll likely deal with the formalities of employment during things like interviews and corporate events if you work for a big company. Whether you’re new to the business or a seasoned pro, these interview tips for truckers will definitely come in handy! Interview tips for truckers

So, first off let’s start with the basics!

The first part of this whole process is submitting your resume so that hiring companies can give you a call in the first place. It’s critical that you include all the exact specifications that you can in regard to your license type, any exemptions you have, and any other special endorsements showing you can haul certain types of loads.

After you’re sure you’ve got all of the right license-type information, you’ll want to list things like your previous experience, any applicable skills, and of course all of the ways employers can contact you for an interview. Here, you can find out more about trucking resumes .

Interview Tips for Truckers | The Basics

Although it may not be that common, you’ll want to prepare for an employer conducting an in-person interview. For many truckers who have been in the business a while, a phone interview may be all it takes for a company to verify you’ve got what it takes to start hauling. However, in any event, being prepared for either a phone interview or in-person interview scenario is still a best practice.

For In-Person Interviews:

Firstly, you’ll need to plan to arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to the interview. You probably know as well as anyone that delays can appear out of thin air on the open road, so getting to your interview early should always be a no-brainer. Even if you’re sure you’ll have no hang-ups, having enough time to rehearse your pitch for employment never hurts! Pop on some motivational tunes, take some deep breaths and make sure you know exactly where to go to meet your future employer.

For Phone Interviews:

So, if it’s not possible you’ll be brought in for an interview, conducting the meeting over the phone or even on Skype is your next scenario to prepare for. If you’re at home, be sure to cut out any distractions that may take away from you being able to focus on the interview. Another solid tactic is to have your notes prepared and available so you can reference them at any point all while making it seem like it’s just flowing from your brain!

Although it could be a bit much for some, getting dressed and going about your morning as if you were meeting an employer in-person can really help to create the right mindset for success. Plus, then you can look great celebrating your new job afterward!

interview tips for truckers

Regardless of the scenario, really nailing an interview is about preparing the right responses ahead of time. Sure, you may be cool as a cucumber driving a big rig, yet providing thoughtful and reassuring responses may not come so naturally to you — and that’s totally fine! Here are some of the questions you’re likely to hear during your next trucking interview.

Trucking Interview Questions to Prepare for

1. What challenges have you faced on the road/ how have you overcome them?

While this sounds like a straightforward question, hiring managers are really looking for answers regarding your approach to problem-solving. This is a question where specific examples are desirable, so if you can’t think of one off the top of your head, then you’ll want to prepare for it. Ideally, you’ll want to pick a situation that can display things like team work, a level-head, and technical knowledge.

2. What are your career plans?

If this is an interview that may lead to a long-term contract, then this is an essential question to have thought out. As an employee, you’re an investment that a company makes, so they want to know how the decision to hire you will pan out in the future. This question allows you the opportunity to communicate your commitment, work ethic, ambition, and enthusiasm for trucking!

3. Why / How did you get into trucking?

Hiring managers really want to know whether you’re in this profession because you enjoy the work and lifestyle rather than for strictly monetary reasons. Of course, making a decent salary is very important, however, driver burnout is something that companies need to plan for. If you’re genuinely into driving, make sure to make that evident here!

4. How do you handle stress?

Although life on the road can have its ups and downs, the way you react to stressful situations is key to being a career-driver. Whether it’s an unexpected mechanical failure, difficulties with loading docks, or just standard traffic or fatigue, hiring managers want to know your approach for handling stress. Again, this is a great time to provide specific examples and your healthiest de-stressing techniques. Essentially, you’re aiming to convince someone you can stay motivated, healthy, and safe on the road day in and day out.

5. What are some of your strengths?

While this may be listed on your resume, you’ll need to be able to go in-depth in discussing what sets you apart from the fleet. Do you have former experience operating other machines? Study logistics in college? Military background? Having these aspects picked out ahead of time will make your answers flow much better, ultimately reassuring hiring managers that you’re the right pick!

For more tips and tricks on nailing your next truck driver interview, check out BigRigBanter’s second podcast episode: Landing the Job. Got any other suggestions for interview tips for truckers? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. My brother is thinking about applying for a trucking job soon. I appreciate that you mentioned that it’s smart to show up to the interview 15-20 minutes early. I will have to make sure that he does that. Thanks for the interview tips for truckers.

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