Myths Busted: Top 4 Truck Driver Myths

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It’s no lie that truck drivers can sometimes get a bad reputation. But that’s only because they do one of the toughest, dirtiest job even Mike Rowe would approve of. They deliver everything we could possibly need in some of the toughest conditions possible. And, without them, who knows where we would be. So, let’s take a look at some of the top truck driver myths.

Top 4 Truck Driver Myths

#1. Truck Drivers are Dirty

Umm…rude? No one would feel their best after sitting in a car for the better part of the day, but many truckers take pride in not only their personal hygiene but keeping their cab clean as well. Many truck and rest stops offer their cleanest bathroom to the drivers to freshen up during their daily travels.

#2. Drivers are Poor

Another truck driver myth is that drivers are poor. But, this just isn’t true! According to CNN Money, as of 2015, the average salary for truckers has been rising 8% to 12%. The median wage for truckers driving in a private fleet is $73,000, which is comparatively higher than the wages of most Americans. Truck drivers also rack up a lot of driving hours and miles, which can often result in an end of the year bonus from their companies.

#3. Male Drivers are Better than Female Drivers

While there should be no comparison as both genders should be equal, the stereotype that men are better truck drivers just isn’t the case. Of the more than 200,000 female truck drivers in the United States, they are 5 times less likely to break safety regulations, 3 times less likely to be in or cause an accident, and 4 times more likely to pass CDL certification on their first attempt than male drivers. Way to go girls!

#4. Truck Drivers Cause Accidents

Finally, the last truck driver myth we are busting today is that truck drivers cause accidents. While the media may report on multiple car pile-ups involving big rigs, they aren’t usually the cause of the accidents. But graphic images of large semis or long hauls smashed and burning can paint an ugly picture in society’s eyes. Many non-truck drivers are afraid to drive along side of tractor-trailers because of “no zones” (I hope everyone remembers that awful song from drivers ed.). But, rest assured they will see you. Truckers are 3 times less likely to be in an accident than a regular driver and are only involved in 2.4% of all car accidents in total.

What other truck driver myths need to be busted? Let us know some of your favorite truck driver myths in the comments below!

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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