5 Tips For Trucking With Pets
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5 Tips For Trucking With Pets

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It’s no secret that it can get pretty lonely on the road. With long hours and not much time for communication, a longing for companionship can quickly settle in. Luckily, a four-legged friend just might do the trick. Currently, the FMSCA offers no restrictions or regulations when it comes to trucking with pets but they do ask to make sure that your furry friend does not compromise your driving ability. Luckily, below we’ve listed a few tips that should help ensure that you’re hitting the road with your companion and maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for you both.

5 Tips For Trucking With Pets

1.     Research Your Company

Although the FMSCA does not have any regulations on trucking with pets, that does not mean that trucking companies have the same policies towards furry creatures. A quick search online will find a pretty extensive list of trucking companies that allow pets. While most only prohibit dogs to become passengers, some will allow cats and other traditional domesticated pets. Others will also pose a weight limit of 25-30 pounds, so you might want to choose a smaller type of dog. You don’t want to break any rules at your company, so always be sure to talk to a supervisor before bringing your new companion on the road.

2.     Plan On Stopping More Frequently

While it’s okay to travel with your pet in your rig, they still need time outside to stretch their legs. Make sure you give them enough breaks during the day for potty time, playing, and exercise. If you have a cat, get a scratching board, and for all pets, make sure they have a few toys they can play with while you’re driving. Purchase a sturdy, comfortable harness and leash, and take your pets for walks and play time outside of the truck a few times a day. Try to find pet-friendly truck stops so you can your furry friends can spend some quality time off the road.

3.     Choose the Right Dog

Although many of us wish that we could take as many pets as we want to on the road with us, it’s important that you choose the right breed of animal (usually dog) to ensure that both your and your furry friend will enjoy life on the road. With dogs comes lots of fur, so go for a short-coated friend—think bulldogs, pitbulls, and boxers. Sure, they’ll shed a bit, but their little hairs are much more manageable. Older dogs and lazy dogs are perfect for the trucker lifestyle because they are content with sitting for long periods of time. A dog that is hyperactive might not be the ideal road companion. No matter the dog you choose, remember to give him/her a chance to walk around at each rest stop.

4.     Have the Proper Paperwork

When it comes to trucking with pets, many states require a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), or Health Certificate, in order to bring animals into or through that state. Expect to have to keep proof of current rabies vaccinations, at the very least. It’s also important that you schedule routine visits to the vet to ensure that your pet is getting the proper attention they deserve. Trucking with pets is a big commitment, so it’s important that you’re able to take on the responsibility of your new companion. Making sure they are healthy and comfortable is the number one factor when bringing a pet on the road.

5.     Pet-Proof Your Truck

It’s important that you create a safe space when trucking with your pet. Start by creating a barrier between the pet and your pedals as well as any other place that you do not want them to access. After training them where they can go and where they can’t you should be able to remove these barriers and allow them to fully roam your rig. Store chewable items like medicine, food, or trash in compartments and out of your dog’s reach. It’s also important to make sure that your pet will not jump out of open windows. These few steps will ensure that you will be able to safely hit the road with your new companion and ensure that trucking with your pet is as safe as possible.

Do you truck with a pet? Tell us about your experience trucking with pets in the comments below!

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