Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Your Big Rig
Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Your Big Rig - AllTruckJobs.com

Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Your Big Rig

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Luckily old man winter is slowly returning back to his lair. Some much-needed sun will soon replace the frigid temperatures and the sound of snow crunching will quickly turn into birds chirping. It’s time to start some spring cleaning before you hit the road, and we’re here to offer a few helpful tips to ensure that your rig is in the best shape possible. Here are just a few things to consider when it’s time to clean your big rig.

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3 Tips to Clean Your Big Rig

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1. Pressure Wash

One of the first things that a trucker will do when they start cleaning is to hose down the entire rig with a pressure washer. Since your rig takes on more wear and tear than the usual vehicle, you can’t just run it through a traditional car wash and be good to go. A high-grade pressure washer is needed for the job so your rig can look brand new. It’s also important that you select the right washer for the job. Whether it’s gas or electric, make sure you don’t damage your rig. Once you have the right machine for the job, select a nozzle and a conservative pressure setting to start. Because too-focused, too-powerful nozzle and pressure settings can cause serious surface damage, it’s best to begin any cleaning job with a broad nozzle and a low-pressure setting. Then slowly focus the nozzle while increasing the pressure, until you can see the dirt lifting away. This is a great way to clean your rig and to have it looking brand new.

2. Use Wax

While it’s great to use a power washer to clean your rig, wax or other cleaning products will have your rig sparkling this spring. Hand waxing your rig will also allow you to monitor for any blemishes or rust spots on your rig. Many waxes will also offer a protective coating against rain and other natural elements your rig will face. Do a nice even coat and let it set for a minute or two. Then take another clean dry cloth and polish and buff it out. By polishing little sections at a time, it’s easier to keep track of where you’ve done and where you haven’t. A little TLC will have your big rig looking like it just came off the lot.

3. Don’t Forget the Interior

While it’s great to clean your big rig on the outside, it’s also important to keep the interior clean as well. I mean, you are going to be spending a lot of time in it – so why not take care of your second home. Start by cleaning out all of the trash that you may have accumulated over the winter months. It’s no secret that many truckers often rely on fast food and other quick meals while on the road so make sure you’re cleaning out all that trash. Next, you might want to wash the inside of your big rig. Over time, your rig can get dirt and grime on the inside, so make sure to take care of your interior. Use a gentle window cleaner to clean the inside and outside of windows. While newspaper will remove stains better than cloth on most windows, avoid newspaper on any tinted windows. The newspaper is too abrasive and can remove the tinting. Use a soft cloth instead.

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