Rolling out in 2015: New Year Resolutions for Truckers

Rolling out in 2015: New Year Resolutions for Truckers
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As the new year rolls on in, we’re reminded that it’s officially the time to make those silly resolutions that most of us will already give up on by February. In the trucking industry, it’s especially important to be thinking about changing our lives for the better right now.

1. Adopt positive sleep habits.

There’s no better time than the start of a fresh year to get thinking of correcting any bad sleeping habits you may adopt during the holidays. Safety is one of the biggest concerns for truck drivers so ensuring that you’re always alert is a must. Because when your livelihood depends the ability to operate thousands of pounds of steel all around the country, making sure you’re well-rested is essential. Aim for 7-9 hours each night. Science has proven that people who are sleep deprived drive almost as badly as intoxicated drivers! YIKES!

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2. Get into better eating routines.

When you’re always on the road, you should be eating well and eating often. Even though you should be making an effort to frequently snack, it’s only a positive habit if you are making sure to load up on nutritional foods. Learn to pre-plan meals and eat several small meals a day. (Think protein and veggies.) Also, stock up on protein bars so you get filling and energize grub on the go.

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3. Schedule an eye appointment.

Don’t “lose sight” of your biggest asset as a professional driver. Regardless, people should make a conscious effort to get their ‘specs checked annually. It’s even more important for truckers. Make sure your vision is okay and check that your glasses or contact lenses prescription is up-to-date.


4. Make more time for loved ones.

It can be easy to lose touch with the people that matter most when you’re as busy as a truck driver. If you’re an OTR driver than doesn’t get much time at home, try to communicate digitally to the ones you want to talk to. Whether it be as simple as sending a “thinking of you” text or sending a funny snapchat, it will benefit you to maintain your relationships. After all, there’s few things in this world as precious at the connections we build with others in our life.

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5. Think about what your sipping on.

This year, aim to limit your intake of high-calorie sodas or coffees. Many truckers love those drinks because honestly they’re just plain delicious and loaded with caffeine. But, there’s a lot of better ways to enjoy your drinks. Try out herbal teas. Before adding the sugar, they are completely calorie free and have been shown to hold a lot of amazing health benefits, including energy-boosting. With health being a huge issue for truck drivers, the easiest thing you can do to watch your weight is to completely get rid of those empty calorie drinks. Just drink water. Water is the best way to keep hydrated and is the best for you (obviously.)


6. Get more active.

As obesity continues to be a problem in trucking, paying attention to your lifestyle habits is one of our main concerns. So as we ring in the new year, it seems to be the prime time for choosing some new workouts. Whenever you can spare a moment, do a little more activity! Try stretching more often or just parking further away to get moving without sacrificing too much energy.


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