Proceed with Caution: 5 States with the Worst Drivers

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Every year countless websites and magazines rank each state based on which has the worst drivers, situated by factors like fatalities, drunk driving and carelessness. Although those involved in the trucking industry probably think it’s a tie across the board, USA Today and Car Insurance Comparison have put together lists of states with the worst drivers that we can help but to agree with. Here is a list of the five states you should be extra cautious in.

5 States with the Worst Drivers

5. Delaware
Delaware finished first in careless driving and they are ranked in the top ten for states with the most drunk driving. Fun fact: they are also ranked in the top ten for states with the most speeding tickets.

4. North Dakota
North Dakota came in second in drunk driving, being infamously beaten by Montana. What kept North Dakota afloat in our ranking was that it was listed as 41st in careless driving. Oh the irony.

3. Texas
Although Texas didn’t rank in the top five of either drunk driving, carelessness or fatalities, they were ranked number six in drunk driving which is not something to take lightly. Coinciding with their drunk driving, Texas’ fatality rate has continuously gotten worse over the past few years.

2. Montana
Montana finished second in our ranking, but the state came in first place in the amount of drunk driving (not exactly the event you want to win). Oddly enough, despite their drunk driving they finished 44th out of 50 in the careless driving factor. So keep an eye out for anyone swerving!

1. South Carolina
Based on personal experience, South Carolina is the worst state just because no one knows what a turn signal is (PET PEEVE). But according to USA Today and many car insurance companies, South Carolina ranks at the top, having the highest number of driver fatalities. If that’s not reason enough to be careful while passin’ through S.C., they are ranked fifth in careless driving and eighth in drunk driving.


As previously mentioned, these states rankings are all loosely based off of information collected from insurance companies (otherwise New Jersey definitely would have made an appearance, in my opinion). But, be forewarned, there’s suspect drivers anywhere you go. It’s important to always be alert and to act as a defensive driver.


Until next time, safe travels y’all.

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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