National Truck Driver Appreciation Week- Trucker Trivia Contest Rules

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week- Trucker Trivia Contest Rules

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Did you eat breakfast this morning? Check emails on your phone? Put on a new pair of shoes? Then remember to thank your truckers! Nearly 3.5 million drivers wake up each day to deliver goods all across the country safely and on time. September 8-14 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and AllTruckJobs is ready to celebrate all of the hardworking individuals who hit the road every day! This year AllTruckJobs is excited to host an online Trucker Trivia contest! Why play? Wanna win $100? Then keep reading!

Trucker Appreciation Week

Trucker Trivia: How It Will Work

AllTruckJobs is excited to recognize all of the hardworking and committed truckers all over the country. This year AllTruckJobs is taking to Facebook to host a weeklong game of trucker trivia! Keep reading to find out how the game will work… and how you could win $100.

First things first- this weeklong contest will be held on our AllTruckJobs Facebook page. Starting Monday we’ll be posting a daily true/false question. You have the ability to answer each question once. If you answer the question correctly, we’ll enter your name into a separate drawing, where it could be pulled to win a $100 prize!

Participants will have the ability to answer 5 trivia questions, each being posted daily. You can only answer each question one time. If you answer the question correctly, your name will be entered into the separate “prize drawing.” Each correct answer you submit will result in your name being placed in the drawing. So, if you answer all five questions correctly, your name will be entered into the prize drawing five times! Pretty sweet right? Even better, if your busy schedule gets the best of you, well be sure to remind you to play before the contest starts! Keep an eye out for updates from us on Facebook.

At the end of the week, we’ll put all the names in a hat and pull out the lucky winner. We’ll reach out to that person via Facebook messenger. If we don’t hear from him or her within 48 hours, we will contact the next name we draw and the process will continue. Once the official winner claims their prize, the contest winner will be announced the following week on our Facebook page. We’ll also have an exclusive interview with them that will be featured in the next AllTruckJobs blog. It’s that simple!

Remember, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 9-15! We hope you’ll join us in celebrating all of the hard working truckers and partake in our Trucker Trivia contest!

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