Must-Sees While On the Road | Trucker Tours: The Western Route

Must-Sees While On the Road | Trucker Tours: The Western Route
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The main perk of truck driving is the freedom—it’s just you, your cab, and the open road. Fortunately for you, being a truck driver allows you to avoid the daily annoyances of a 9-5 office job. Instead, you’re watching the clouds float across the sky and experiencing sunsets daily. You’re driving long distances and seeing parts of the country that people trapped at a desk job only dream of. Although you have hours to log and destinations to reach on time, there are circumstances where you’re able to do a bit of exploring. When you do, be sure to check out these must-sees while on the road out west!

Top Five Must-Sees While on the Road Out West

Although there’s so much to see all over the country, these are the top five must-sees while on the road out west.

Badlands National Park

must-sees while on the road

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If you’re driving along Interstate 90 in South Dakota keep your eye out for the brown signs alerting you of the beautiful landmark of Badlands National Park. Badlands National Park is mainly a drive-thru park and made up of multiple rock formations, hiking trails, and it allows you to camp. There’s a short loop through the park so that if you can maintain your direction with this little side tour. That makes it one of the most convenient must-sees while on the road. Viewers suggest going at different times of the day to see how the light transforms the scenery. Photographer Blaine Harrington III was once quoted as saying, “It’s kind of trippy, like being on the moon.”

Highway 1

Highway 1 is one of the most meditative and beautiful drives you can take. It runs along the California coast and consists of breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Plus, it runs through forests and cute little beach towns. If you’re in the area or passing through, make sure you check out this 135-mile stretch of California’s Pacific Highway 1. The route is between San Luis Obispo and Monterey.

Big Bend National Park

In the southwestern United States, along the Mexico-Texas hides one of the darkest places in the nation. Conveying beautiful species, thousands of plants, and offering an almost crystal clear view of the Milky Way throughout the night, Big Bend is a must see. The Rio Grande and Santa Elena Canyon (another quite notable landmarks to see) form the boundaries of the park.

Devils Tower

The Devils Tower is surrounded by the Black Hills of Wyoming. This monument is sacred among Native American tribes with a connection to the area. Off of WY110, Devils Tower is huge from a distance, but up close its intricate details and surrounding boulder fields allow you to explore and define your place in the cultural and natural world!

Glenwood Canyon

Glenwood Canyon is known for its rare ability to be enjoyed at 50mph. The canyon, located in Colorado, is definitely one of the lesser known must-sees while on the road. This landmark provides a 12.5-mile, beautifully engineered stretch high above the Colorado River. The site offers enormous rock faces, mountains, canyons, and the rushing river.

There are certain websites and apps out there that highlight cool things to see all across the country. Download a few, such as xx, and then you can keep an eye out for cool stuff no matter where you’re traveling. For example, the xx app will tell you quirky things you probably never heard of as well as where to stay, what to eat and a whole lot more. This way if you’re ever stuck in a destination longer than expected, you can do some quick research and play tourist instead of lounging around a rest stop or watching a movie in your cab.

For those of you who have been everywhere in anywhere in the cab, what are some of your personal must-sees while on the road? Share with us in the comments below!

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