Healthy Snacks to Eat on the Road
Healthy Snacks to Eat on the Road -

Healthy Snacks to Eat on the Road

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We know it’s tough to be cautious about your health and diet on the road. With limited time, space, and options, it’s no wonder many truckers will resort to fast food and energy drinks for sustenance on the road. Fitness is an incredibly important aspect trucking, so it’s important that you’re watching what you eat. Unfortunately, unhealthy eating on the road can have drastic consequences. Studies have shown that almost half of all truckers suffer from at least some form of health risk involving obesity (hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes). While many will view this just as “the trucker lifestyle,” healthy eating on the road can increase your life expectancy so you can keep on truckin’ for days to come. We’ve outlined some healthy meals and healthy snacks for truckers to help you stay fit on the road.

healthy snacks for truckers

Healthy Snacks for Truckers

Fresh or Dried Fruit – This is perfect those of you who love sweets. Instead of picking up a candy bar filled with trans fats or simple sugars, pick up some fruit! Fruit contains less sugar and fat while still satisfying that sweetness you’ve been craving. Fruit also contains vitamin C and fiber, which will keep your body functioning well throughout your journey. Dried fruit also lasts quite a while and will take up less room in your rig. Although it loses some nutrients through the drying process, it’s still a healthy alternative to candy. Fruit is a great way to get that burst of energy you need in the morning as well! When it comes to healthy snacks for truckers, this sweet treat is a great one!

Granola Bars Granola bars are great because they keep you satisfied for a while. Granola is calorie-dense and contains a lot of protein, fiber, and micronutrients. Try to find granola bars that do not contain a lot of sugar and stray away from granola with chocolate or a lot of added sugars. If a granola bar is high in calories and fat, it usually tends to be higher in protein and fiber as well. Granola bars, because they’re high in protein, are good filler snacks that can tie you over until you eat your next meal.

Yogurt – Digestion is important for truck drivers. Yogurt promotes bone health because it is high in calcium and also contains probiotics which help ease the digestion process. You also need to be particular about the kind of yogurt you choose to eat. Some yogurt is overly processed, or even goes through a drying process. For example, yogurt-covered raisins have gone through a drying process. This yogurt does not contain nearly as many nutrients as yogurt with live bacteria (probiotics). Make sure to look for low-fat yogurt that’s high in probiotics!

Trail Mix –You can either make your own trail mix (which is super simple) or buy pre-made trail mix to snack on! Trail mix is a mixture of nuts, dried fruit, seeds, and whatever else you want to add! Nuts and seeds are both great sources of protein and they can slow digestion and sustain energy. Both nuts and seeds are also good for heart health and provide you healthy fats.

Ways to Eat Healthy on The Road

Truck Stops—It’s easy to quickly pick up a snack at a truck stop. However, it’s important to be careful about what snack you’re picking up. While it may seem more convenient to grab a candy bar or a bag of chips, both will leave you feeling sluggish with low energy levels later on. Be sure to grab a bag of trail mix, or even some veggie straws instead of greasy potato chips. Many truck stops even have healthy grab and go items like cheese sticks, boiled eggs, or sliced vegetables.

Fast Food—The other difficult place to eat healthy is at a fast food restaurant. If you do not have time to stop and sit down for a meal at a restaurant, a fast food restaurant might be your best option. However, many fast food restaurants offer healthier options that are still convenient. These include salads, wraps, or low-calorie sandwiches. You can even get grilled chicken instead of fried and a piece of fruit on the side!

If you do have time, it might be easier to eat healthier at a sit-down restaurant. You can use your phone to find restaurants with truck parking spaces. Once there, order fresh vegetables, grilled meat, and healthy sides. If you really want to eat healthy meals, you should pack your meals from home. This is oftentimes not realistic for truckers, as they are not always home to pack their meals before their trucking routes. If you are home beforehand, you can pack meals for a few days and keep them in a cooler in your rig!

What are some of your favorite healthy snacks for truckers while on the road? Comment your favorite recipes or munchies below and be sure to watch the attached video for more information about being healthy on the road!

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