Load and Behold: Trucker Path App Helps Drivers

Load and Behold: Trucker Path App Helps Drivers
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Say, “Adios!” to white boards at truck stops and valuable hours spent waiting for your next haul. The long road doesn’t need to be lonely anymore with the Trucker Path network at your fingertips.

Set out to re-vamp a low-tech industry, Trucker Path is building stronger connections between truckers by providing an easy to use app that simplifies the interaction between brokers and carriers.

But this is no ordinary trucking app—This app is crowd sourced and packed with useful information such as designated rest areas, weigh stations and location reviews, all marked by pins. These pins can be turned on and off so truckers can personalize their interests while learning things such as fuel price, number of showers, parking spaces available and so forth.

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As Mary Glazkova, PR Representative for Trucker Path, explained in an e-mail to AllTruckJobs.com, “Each time a truck passes a weigh station, they can read comments inferring whether the station is open or closed, then leave comments of their own. For truck stops and rest areas, the user can review how many parking spots are available. This insures that the information is fresh and accurate. And, the user base contributes to the accuracy of the information.”

After owning a freight-forwarding company for several years, Founder and CEO of Trucker Path, Ivan Tsybaev, sought out to develop the most efficient and easy to use app to connect the trucking community. Tsbaev talked to truckers across the board to gather understanding of their wants and needs on the road, and since that time in 2013, the company has grown to 300,000 active users with over 500,000 downloads of the app.

Those white boards eventually turned into websites, becoming more sophisticated over time, but Trucker Path aimed to take loadboards even further—digitizing not only the search for a load but by providing negotiation techniques.

How this works is drivers use the app to scan the surrounding area for new truckloads where they can then locate truck washes, parking locations and so forth. After this, brokers, carriers and shippers can negotiate prices, assign or accept loads and provide status updates of the shipments from the time of pickup to the time of delivery. To find a load, drivers scan the available hauls within their designated search parameters, and then the drivers or fleets make offers on the available load.

“With Truckloads, brokers find it easier to match carrier capacity with the needs of shippers. Consequently, drivers spend less time waiting for their next shipments, or they find more shipments closer to home. That allows them to go home more often, spending less time on the road hauling empty trailers to their next loads,” Tsybaev said.

By providing truckers information such as manufacturers, shippers and dispatchers, drivers no longer take the hit for hours lost on the road, and hopefully; this app will help bridge the gap between high driver demand and the growing driver shortage.

Trucker Path is compatible with Android and iOS-based devices and now, any truck fleet operator, shipper or broker can access the app via web portal or directly through the Trucker Path application.

If anyone has a site that they would like listed on the app, they can e-mail maria@truckerpath.com for more information. Other interested parties can download the app absolutely free here.

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