Healthy Habits Truck Drivers Need to Pickup

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There are a lot more obstacles and roadblocks to overcome in life for someone who is constantly on the move. Over the road drivers know this all too well. One of the most important issues commercial truck operators encounter on a regular basis is the inability to maintain healthy habits while on long and exhausting hauls. Health is not just a food and exercise thing either. The mind is a huge thing to nurture as well.

We know fast food is quick—hence the name— but come on, we know it’s terrible to eat that junk on a regular basis. And yes we know that its impossible to hit the gym when you are in a profession that requires you to eat, sleep, drive, repeat for long durations but; a little training and will-power go a long way. But, have no fear; there are tons of easy-peasy ways to alter the “not-so-great-for-you” habits we are all guilty of! Adding just the tiniest bit of change to your habits can end up making you begin to feel the positive benefits immediately.

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Simple Habits to Form to Be the Healthiest Trucker You Can Be

  • Plan ahead- Set up exact times and schedules for when you will eat and what you will eat. Instead of waiting until starvation hits and eating the most readily available food, stick to a routine and know what you will be eating so you can make the most responsible choice.
  • Do research on restaurant food- You can’t always expect to avoid eating food on the go from fast food all together. But, since it may have to happen anyway, research the food from your favorite national restaurant chains. Compare nutritional values and create a list of the smartest menu options.

o   Helpful hint: download an app on your smartphone that can tell you nutritional values on the run!

  • Stock up on smart snacks- Make pit stops occasionally to farm stands or grocery stores and load your truck with fruit, nuts, or granola to curb appetite between meals without inflicting your body to an overload of empty calories. The energy from these healthy snacks with positively affects your levels of alertness, too! Also, it saves time to keep abundances of snacks handy so it will help reach destinations in a timelier manner.
  • Always keep water with you- It seems like a no-brainer; but making sure to drink plenty of H2O will cleanse your body and also false hunger from thirst will be suppressed.
  • Free-time needs to be your “Me-time”- Use any free moment to get some walking done or lift free weights. You’ll feel more vitalized and less drowsy while driving, too after a light workout.
  • Vitamins- Start taking a daily vitamin to make sure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs to run its best! If you miss getting anything from the food you’re consuming, then fill the gaps with a supplement.
  • Ask about health programs- Some trucking companies offer help for their employees fitness routines. Ask them if they offer any programs like discounts on gym memberships or facilities at areas available for use while on the road.
  • Cook- Even on the road you can find easy recipes that can be made from even within your truck. For example, you can make tasty and nutritious grilled asparagus from a rice cooker.
  • Avoid caffeine before bed- Sleep is the most important thing a truck driver requires to perform their job. Therefore, make sure you make the most of every chance of sleep you can get. Don’t consume caffeine right before you plan on hitting the sheets.
  • Make time to keep in touch- Being away from friends and family for long periods of time can take a toll on your health more than you would know. Making sure to touch base with the people you care about will help you become more mentally content. Therefore, your ability to follow through in healthy lifestyles is easier and you are generally in a better mood.

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to adopt healthy lifestyles. Especially for those of us that have demanding careers like truckers do. But, the tips here are easy to follow and can positively impact all aspects of your life. You deserve it. Good luck, and wishing you all safe and healthy travels.

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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