Grabbing Fresh Grub On-the-Go

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Ah, a life on the open road. Over the road driving across the country can give your life a pretty darn fresh perspective. Unfortunately, most drivers find that the food their eating while hauling their freight is anything but fresh. It’s always a big risk to take on the unhealthy lifestyle risks of constantly cooped up sitting on your keister where the easiest options are totally awful for you. Eating more nutrient-rich foods will rejuvenate your body for the better and pack a mighty punch to keep you satisfied until the next time you chow down. The only issue drivers have is that fresh fruits and veggies can be expensive and they lose their nutritional value if they aren’t eatenĀ  immediately post harvest.

Plan a food schedule

If you wait until the last minute to curb your cravings while on the road, you’re going to find yourself scrambling for something fried, saturated in sodium, full of preservatives, and with positively zero nutritional value. Sticking to a consistent eating schedule is likely to make you eat less, be able to find ways to sneak in some ripe produce or veggies, and will keep your body regular.

Consider the drive-thru food alternatives

Even if the only place to stop for food in the tri-state hour at 4 am is a place known for it’s golden arches and clown mascot, there’s still better alternatives there than you might not consider because it’s fast food. If you only want a light pickmeup, kids meals often come with healthier options like apples, milk, or juice instead of soda. Also, a salad is a salad so if you can grab one there on the go and then be mindful not to over-saturate it with calorie-filled ranch dressing, then you’re eating better than you might even if you weren’t stuck with on-the-go cuisine.

Stash snacks in your semi

You may not be able to always find parking to stop at markets to purchase fresh foods consistently. But, portable coolers and minifridges can fit fresh fruit, greens, and smoothies with you so you can keep yourself satisfied no matter what. Also, keep water on hand, too. Oftentimes, we confuse thirst with hunger and will stop for super unhealthy meals even though we aren’t necessarily hungry.

Purchase frozen produce (if possible)

If you are a pro at cooking in your truck’s crockpot, try storing frozen fruits and vegetables in a mini-freezer and then using them to cook with. Frozen veggies take on a less appetizing texture than fresh, but they still can be pretty good when added to flavors during meal prep.

Jump on the smoothie bandwagon

No time for cooking? No time for shopping for food that actually isn’t bad for you? Then try out juice purees for a snack on the go. One downfall, however, is that a lot of juice is packed with sugars, calories, and artificial colors and preservatives.

Buy it on sale

If you know you’ll be eating whatever fruit or vegetables that the store are pushing off the shelves post haste, then those savings might as well benefit your belly.

Learn to like it raw

What better way to eat a meal on the go than one that literally requires no meal prep time at all, right? Learn that fruit can be a natural dessert and that raw carrots aren’t just for Bugs Bunny


Author: Hit The Road Jack

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