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Driving long hours across the country can have its moments, although it may not always be as entertaining as you’d like. The radio is alright, but you can only listen to so much music before you start glazing over. What most people really need on the road is something to engage with, something that can get your gears spinning with just the right balance of fun and information. Big Rig Banter

That’s why we’ve started Big Rig Banter, a show about all things commercial driving and transportation related.

If you’re a career driver or even someone in a related industry (and there are many), Big Rig Banter is an easily digested, straightforward program to keep you informed and on top of the latest changes in the world of interstate hauling. With nearly 3 years of collective experience covering the industry, co-hosts Troy and Connor work to produce a show that is accessible to commercial driving newcomers and veterans alike.

Troy Diffenderfer, Internet Marketing Specialist:Big Rig Banter

“Although we may not be truckers ourselves, Connor and I work with truckers on a regular basis, and I think we have a pretty strong grip on the trucking industry. We love talking to truckers and really hearing what it’s like being out on the road. I think this podcast can really grow into something, and we’d love to be heard by truckers across the country.”

Connor Smith, Internet Marketing Specialist:Big Rig Banter

“When the idea came about, I wondered how we’d ever learn enough about this vast industry to provide insights to the commercial driving community. Now that we’re several episodes deep, it’s evident just how much there is to this profession! Just about everything you eat, wear, and use on a daily basis was transported by truckers, so in a very real way, this industry is the lifeblood of America.”

Big Rig Banter Streaming World Wide!

No matter your situation, there’s a way to stream or download Big Rig Banter. Currently, the show is available on YouTube, Google Play, Stitcher, iTunes, and through the official website. Don’t worry, we’ll never charge for this show, so you’ll always have access to the latest industry news and commentary wherever you are. It’s really about being able to provide a useful resource for the thousands of drivers keeping this country’s economy running smoothly. And whatever the future holds for commercial drivers, you can be sure that Big Rig Banter will be on the right side of history!

Big Rig Banter

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Certainly, Big Rig Banter didn’t just emerge from thin air. As internet marketing becomes more competitive and people are finding jobs on the web more than ever, everyone is looking for creative ways to drive traffic to their sites. As an intersection between personal interest and marketing initiatives, Big Rig Banter was born as a means of keeping AllTruckJobs’ clients and patrons informed, entertained, and engaged with the industry. With the creative approach that Troy and Connor bring to the show, this podcast is sure to be a different change of pace than what you’re used to.

And really, it’s not all about driving. The show covers things like a healthy lifestyle, 80’s themed workouts, and the latest technology hitting the road. Just take a listen:

Like most things, it can take a couple attempts to really get things rolling in the right direction. With Big Rig Banter’s growing catalog of episodes, there’s a long and exciting road still ahead — one you can be a part of!

We’re always looking for interviews, so feel free to contact us!

Insights can come from unexpected places, so if you’ve got the scoop on an important industry topics or news, we want to hear from you! Reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter, or just email or to reach out directly.

Get ready to shift into gear and let the conversations roll!

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