Best Ways to Maintain Semi Trucks | 5 Tips
Best Ways to Maintain Semi Trucks | 5 Tips -

Best Ways to Maintain Semi Trucks | 5 Tips

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With months of cold weather underway in the Northern Hemisphere, your vehicles have got to be up for the challenge. When everything in your heavy-duty truck is running well, it’s like a finely tuned orchestra performing all the hits! Whether you’re an owner-operator, you drive for a company, or are just about to make the leap to a lease-purchase position, we’ll explore some of the best ways to maintain semi trucks:

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For drivers all across the country, the commercial vehicle represents many things — a source of freedom, a livelihood, and hopefully a passion for the open road! No matter if you’ve been driving for years or just got into the field, keeping your rig in top shape is everything. Of course, no truck is guaranteed against breakdowns, but following through with these simple maintenance procedures will ensure you are driving the healthiest vehicle possible!

5 Best Ways to Maintain Semi Trucks

1. Change Your Oil Regularly

Most drivers are well aware of the need for regular oil changes, but you’d be surprised how many people drive until they have a serious problem! We realize that truckers among all people understand the importance of changing a truck’s oil regularly, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best ways to maintain semi trucks. It’s so commonplace you may not always remember to do that quick oil check, even during a pre-trip inspection. Considering that heavy-duty vehicles need significant amounts of oil, neglecting this critical lubricant can cause costly delays and repairs.

2. Inspect your Radiator

Temperature control for big rigs is one of the things that keeps them running strong for years. Another one of the best ways to maintain semi trucks is checking your radiator before each new route. Always be on the lookout for small leaks and top off any fluids that look low. If there are any significant leaks, it’s extremely important that these are repaired unless you’re trying to over-heat your engine! Why replace an engine when you can patch a few leaking fluid lines?

3. Check Your Fuel Vent

When you finally make it back home for a little relaxation, your rig is doing the same. When trucks sit in one place for a while, you never know what can find its way into such places. We’ve heard reports of wasps and other insects building nests in this area so watch out! Not only will having blockages in your fuel vent cause inaccurate fuel readings, but it will eventually affect engine performance.

4. Inspect your Brakes

Again, it’s somewhat obvious, but inspecting your brakes regularly is another one of the best ways to maintain semi trucks. Beyond each pre-trip inspection, checking to see whether your brakes are in good condition is absolutely critical. Anytime you hear odd sounds, squealing sounds, or vibrations it’s best to consult your mechanic. Otherwise, checking things out yourself is fine if you’re well-versed in the specifics of these machines! Additionally, consider how many tons you’ll be hauling your during your next load to ensure everything runs smoothly ahead of time.

5. Grease Moving Parts

There are dozens of points that need grease on every truck, but this is actually a maintenance job you can do yourself. Although it’s a pretty time-consuming process, you’ll get to inspect many different areas of your rig. Regularly greasing the moving parts of your truck will help all of your equipment last longer while requiring less maintenance. It can be a bit messy when it’s all said and done, but this is yet another way to keep your rig in top condition!

Here’s a great video demonstrating this process:

We hope this quick list was useful and you’ll be keeping your rigs running smoothly? Any tips you’d like our readers to know? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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  1. You make a good point that a good way to maintain a semi is to regularly check the brakes. My brother has been thinking about getting into the trucking business to help support his family more. I bet he would need to know a lot of this stuff if he ever broke down on the side of the road!

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  2. The advice is very helpful, they help your tractor work best.
    I have an additional idea that you should also check your tires carefully before each trip. Under-inflated tires can lower fuel mileage and make steering more difficult. Over-inflated tires are more prone to punctures and pothole damage. Check for the proper pressure for your particular brand of tires.

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  3. I love that you brought up how you can prolong the lifespan of your trucking equipment by ensuring that each moving par is properly greased. My brother is planning on starting a moving company next month but has been noticing that his truck’s trailer tends to make squeaking sounds whenever he turns at an intersection. Maybe he should find a professional that can help him maintain his vehicle’s components.

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  4. It makes sense that failure to regularly provide your truck with sufficient amounts of oil can cause damages that require expensive repairs. I am thinking about opening a business that delivers frozen food to local grocery stores next month, but I have recently noticed that a black puddle has started to form under the semi-truck that I purchased a month ago. A repair service may be able to ensure that my vehicle isn’t leaking the oil it needs to operate properly.

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  5. I found it helpful that you talked about how you need to provide your truck with large amounts of oil in order to prevent it from requiring expensive damages. I remember my sister telling me that she would like to open a business that transports construction equipment to local sites, but she has noticed that her truck has started to smell like it is overheating. She should find a truck servicing professional that can help her.

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