“Are we There Yet?!”: Bringing a Child Along for the Ride

“Are we There Yet?!”: Bringing a Child Along for the Ride
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A lot of truckers have children–in fact, providing a better life for their kids is one of the reasons some even begin a career in the transport industry. We do everything we can to be there for our kids and be able to give them the best lives possible. Unfortunately, child-rearing can be tricky in a career where you always are on-the-go. The last thing any parent wants is to miss out on essential time with your growing fruit of your loins. So, the only logical solution seems to bring them along for the ride, right? However, before you decide to pluck your apple-of-your-eye out of your home and into your truck, consider what is best for your child.

I’ll start out by prefacing this with this statement: bringing children on the road with you is not for everyone. There’s a lot of stuff you need to consider before you make that kind of decision.

Downfalls of bringing children:

  • Diet- Children need proper nutrition. Usually, the best way to do this is by eating mostly home-prepared meals. We all know that’s difficult when you’re a trucker. Quick and cheap food is notoriously bad for your health. That’s actually one of the big reasons that truck drivers notoriously are overweight, obese, and are prone to developing weight-related health problems. Even if you’re a skilled meal-planner, it’s much more difficult to consider food options ahead of the time for both yourself and your child. Also, most people develop their eating-habits early on in life. Therefore, a kid raised on happy meals will be less likely to make smart food choices in the future.
  • Socialization- Kids need to be around their peers. Sure, they love their parents and want to be around them all the time (at least until they are teenagers anyway) but social skills are just developing in the young years. They need to be able to interact, play, and converse with other children their own age.
  • Movement restrictions- Not only will children become easily uncomfortable in the truck for such long periods of time, but they also will not be able to get the physical activity they require to maintain healthy lifestyles. And, just like eating-habits, children develop their exercise habits early on as well. Therefore, creating sedentary lifestyles for your children may be doing them a pretty bad disservice.

Advantages to bringing children:

  • Sightseeing- For shorter trips, bringing kids along can be a fun experience for both parent and child. It grants your child the ability to bond with you, get to go on fun free factory tours, and see things they may not have been able to without coming along for the ride.
  • Teaching children during summer- Most trucking companies kind of frown upon bringing children along during winter months because of school. However, when school isn’t in session, bringing them along seems like a reasonable idea. It gives you a chance to actually be there for your kid enough that you can keep their education going (in a less tradition way, of course) even when class is out for summer. And, it’ll always be a lifetime-long memory of the fantastic summer spent together.

Although most will stress the importance of bringing children up in a home and not on the road; it has been done. And, I’m sure most children would love to join mommy or daddy; but it definitely is something that is ultimately the decision of your particular trucking company policy and your judgement as their parent.

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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