AllTruckJobs Boasts Next-Generation Recruitment Tool for Trucking
AllTruckJobs Boasts Next-Generation Recruitment Tool for Trucking -

AllTruckJobs Boasts Next-Generation Recruitment Tool for Trucking

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Your company spends thousands of dollars on advertising for trucking jobs. You share open positions on social media, list them on various online job boards, and publish ads in trucking magazines. When you finally do get a lead, all of your competitors already called that driver. Then, when you want to make changes to your advertising, you can’t get a person on the phone to help you. Sound familiar? AllTruckJobs has heard it all.

Reduce Cost Per Hire

That’s why we developed a cutting-edge recruitment tool for trucking that is paired with resources for a package designed to reduce your cost per hire and enhance your existing marketing initiatives.

We have a dedicated support team available to help clients with everything from changes to search criteria to creating banner ads. AllTruckJobs represents the next-generation in online driver recruitment, yet our technology is old-school simple.

For example, Michael Coble, who currently works as a director of recruiting, has worked in trucking for 30 years. He is a former driver in his fifties who said he wouldn’t touch a computer just a few years ago. Now, he’s learning to use technology. “AllTruckJobs is one of the easiest programs,” Coble said. “The dashboard in real time is an amazing tool, and not a lot of other job boards have that kind of stuff. You can see all your metrics right there.”

Direct Point of Contact

Not only does Coble like AllTruckJobs’ easy-to-use recruitment tool for trucking, but he likes the fact that the software is continually updated and adjustments are made depending on what the market dictates.

“I’ve always appreciated the fact that AllTruckJobs will look at what’s going on and not just charge the money and say ‘well, we didn’t get you the hires, sorry,’” Coble said. He’s on a first-name basis with his point-of-contact at AllTruckJobs and knows they can have a straightforward conversation about what’s going on. “You buy from your friends, so there’s more of a personal deal there too,” Coble said.

Consistent Quality Driver Leads

AllTruckJobs knows that trucking companies face a grim reality in their search for drivers. Fewer people are pursuing their CDL because somewhere along the line society steered away from blue collar work and toward tech jobs. However, the truth is, trucking is a lucrative career that deserves attention.

“Computers can only drive a truck so far. We still have to have truck drivers,” said Gractia Wilburn of Arkansas-based Loggins Logistics, Inc. Wilburn is a recruiter who worked in various sectors of the trucking industry throughout the past 25 years. Wilburn and Coble both feel the strain of the driver shortage. With that said, Wilburn believes that the worst thing trucking companies can do in the current climate is to pause job advertising to save a buck. It takes at least two months to build up a pipeline of leads once you start advertising, she says. When companies pause that pipeline “it’s not helping, because it takes their name out of the market,” Wilburn said.

Call Anytime

AllTruckJobs can’t invent the hundreds of new truck drivers the industry needs. (We’re still troubleshooting that!) We can, however, keep your brand in the market. We will deliver you direct apps and real-time metrics with our recruitment tool for trucking. We’ll keep your pipeline of leads full. And when you’re frustrated or have questions, you’ll get a real-live person on the phone every time you call. If you don’t believe us – call now!

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