Big Rig Banter Take Over: AllTruckJobs’ Podcast to Record at GATS

Big Rig Banter Take Over: AllTruckJobs’ Podcast to Record at GATS

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Move over, AllTruckJobs. Big Rig Banter is changing lanes and it’s driving fast! Big Rig Banter is taking a break from its headquarters in Lancaster, Pa. and it is headed for Dallas, TX. For the first time since the podcast launched in 2017, Big Rig Banter is going to the Great American Trucking Show. AllTruckJobs and Big Rig Banter will be at GATS August 23-25 in booth 2822.

Not familiar with Big Rig Banter? Big Rig Banter is a trucking podcast powered by AllTruckJobs. During its first year at GATS, Big Rig Banter will be conducting interviews, hanging out with whoever comes by our exclusive Long-Haul Lounge, and giving away a $200 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner. This means if you’re not familiar with Big Rig Banter now, you will be after you hang out with us in Texas.

BigRigBanter at GATS

Win Prizes and Take a Load Off with Big Rig Banter at GATS

Alright. Let me guess. Right now, you’re probably wondering – how do I win this $200 Amazon gift card? It’s easy! All you’ll have to do is come to hang out with us in our Long-Haul Lounge, have a seat on one of our comfy couches, and fill out a card with some basic info about you. Toss the card into a bucket, and we’ll draw one lucky winner after the show. We will announce the winner on our very next episode of Big Rig Banter, so make sure you listen to the September podcast to hear if you won!

What’s this long-haul lounge we speak of? It’s essentially a place, as our slogan goes, to take a load off with Big Rig Banter. There will be couches, free giveaways, and lots of fun people to chat with. If you’re not shy and you want to be featured on our show, ask to be interviewed! We love to chat with anyone in the trucking industry, from non-profits with a good cause to truck drivers to company executives.

Don’t like to be recorded? That’s fine. You can also snap a picture with us and use our Snapchat filter for a fun way to remember Big Rig Banter at GATS. Tell all your trucker friends to come by the Long-Haul Lounge and tell us a fun trucking story for our podcast!

Meet our Team – Big Rig Banter at GATS!

Here’s who you’ll get to meet from Big Rig Banter at GATS!


Margaret - BigRigBanter at GATSMargaret is the boss lady. She keeps us all in line but still knows how to have fun. You’ll see her at GATS organizing and conducting interviews, posting on social media, and recruiting people to sign up for our Amazon gift card.


Lenay - BigRigBanter at GATS

Lenay just wanted a free trip to Texas. Just kidding. That’s me! I’ll be capturing some awesome footage for Facebook Live, helping Margaret conduct interviews and assisting our team with social media.

We’ll all be accompanied by our co-workers at AllTruckJobs. You’ve probably seen them at GATS before.

AllTruckJobs at GATS

From left to right: Sean, Tara, Oliver, and Brett


Now that you know what we look like, we expect you to say hi! We are all looking forward to hanging out with you in the Lone Star State! See you in August!


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