6 Lessons We Learned from Dash Cams (VIDEOS)

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Let’s be honest, dash cams are a little annoying… especially when you know that many carriers use these as a way to track truck drivers and their driving habits. In turn, there were plenty of times that these same dash cams caught ridiculous behavior on tape! Sometimes this video footage even saved a truck driver’s behind by proving he or she wasn’t at fault for an accident, and other times dash cams were merely a witness to another accident.

This being said, dash cams can teach valuable lessons… for example, the importance of turn signals, and we’ve all seen examples of the terrifying accidents that occur when someone was texting and driving.

      1. This video reminded all of us how dangerous tailgating can be… especially at high speeds.
      2. This guy taught us how to recover like a boss when you lose control of a truck on an icy road.
      3. This dash cam video is a reminder to get your eyes checked every so often, especially if you’re a licensed driver.
      4. This video teaches us that sports cars aren’t for everyone, especially a-holes.
      5. This dash cam footage of an elderly individual’s driving skills suggests that maybe you can be too old to drive.
      6. Finally, this video taught us the importance of brakes.

In all seriousness folks, please drive safely. While nobody was fatally injured in these accidents, they’re still pretty terrifying. Watch out for aggressive drivers, and steer clear of situations like the ones you just watched! And finally, don’t be afraid to report unsafe drivers… You might save a life!

All videos were retrieved from YouTube.com.

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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