5 Tips for Trucking During the Holidays
5 Tips for Trucking During the Holidays - AllTruckJobs.com

5 Tips for Trucking During the Holidays

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With the holidays right around the corner, it’s natural to start making plans with friends and family. However, for some, those plans may depend on the driving schedule of a family member who works in the transportation industry. While lots of great companies do their best to get drivers home for the holidays and important events, it can take some extra considerations before that’s a reality! Sometimes it takes a little extra effort for drivers trucking during the holidays, so we thought we’d provide some quick tips for just that!

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In all honesty, the winter holiday seasons would be nothing without the dedication and hard work of drivers all across America. Without truckers, there would be no family dinners, gifts, or new Christmas lights and displays making their way into American homes. Trucking during the holidays is something that is a true gift to us all and it’s good to thank a trucker when you can! It’s often the case that drivers have rigid schedules for everything from getting sleep to meeting deadlines, which leads us to our first tip:

Five Tips for Trucking During the Holidays

1. Stay Flexible

Considering that drivers need to make deliveries as shippers require, the most they can do sometimes is avoid over scheduling holiday events and celebrations. While we all want to spend as much time with friends and family as we can during this time, trucking during the holidays doesn’t always allow that. This makes the time a driver has off all the more valuable, so it’s best to avoid scheduling conflicts! It’s much easier to tell someone you’re too busy than having to cancel an hour before a get-together!

2. Work Beyond a Calendar

If you’re certain you’ll be hitting the road with St. Nick this Christmas, try to work with family members to hold events on days other than the actual holiday. Sure, this is difficult with varying work schedules, however, it can be even more special to celebrate on a day other than the normal holiday. This way it’s much more obvious you’re celebrating spending time with loved ones than just going through the motions!

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3. Stay Connected

What’s technology good for if you can’t connect with the people who mean the most when you’re trucking during the holidays? While you’re hauling those fancy new iPhones to shopping centers nationwide, remember to use your own devices to check in with loved ones. Sending festive images, nostalgic videos, and face-timing with friends and family can be a great way to spread some cheer! Even if it means you’re only a glowing screen at the dinner table, it’s the thought and the attempt that really counts!

4. Spread Cheer When You Can

If you’re trucking during the holidays, it probably means lots of other people are doing the same. Given the choice, everyone would prefer some time off to hang out and spend time with loved ones so keep that in mind. No matter where you are, checking in with fellow drivers, rest stop workers, and other employees can really go a long way on the holidays. Trade stories about friends and family or just sing a few Christmas carols — whatever you decide, it doesn’t take much to make the cold days a little warmer!

5. Keep the Festivities Alive

Of course, you’ll want to keep everything to code, but consider handing some festive lights, a Rudolph nose, or maybe even some tinsel on your rig! No matter where you go while trucking during the holidays, you’ll have lots of onlookers enjoying the festivity of your rig. Maybe just to celebrate you can get yourself a little Christmas gift or even just a nice dinner. Again, keeping some Christmas music playing on the radio can help as well!

No matter what your situation is, we hope you can make the most of trucking during the holidays! Are you driving this season? Let us know how you stay festive in the comments below!

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  1. Last year I was driving all Christmas day. I was already a bit disappointed and feeling down, and then to make it worse, one of my tires went flat as I was going through Northern Utah. It was a Christmas miracle that it happened just 50 yards from a repair store, Discount Tire, and another miracle that I was able to contact somebody to come in and help me out even on Christmas. That experience last year made me so grateful and I hope I can pass the favor along this year.

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