Trucking Layover vs. Detention Pay | What’s the Difference?
Trucking Layover vs. Detention Pay | What's the Difference? -

Trucking Layover vs. Detention Pay | What’s the Difference?

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Are you familiar with a trucking layover? What about trucking detention? Layovers and detention are common occurrences in truck driving. It’s important that, as a driver, you are familiar with pay rates of layovers and detention. You should also know how best to avoid them. We’ve detailed the key differences between a trucking layover and detention and other important information below!

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Trucking Layover and Detention Definitions:

A trucking layover is when a driver is delayed by a shipper or receiver for one or more days. The “layover pay” is the rate that the driver is paid by the trucking company or the company of the shipper or receiver.

Detention is time spent at a shipper or receiver beyond a previously set amount of time. A detention differs from a layover in that detention is during a shipment and layover is in between shipments.

Trucking Layover Pay Rate

Layover pay is dependent upon the company. Some companies will not give layover pay until the driver is sitting for a minimum of 24 hours without a load assignment. Some companies have an even-longer minimum wait time before they pay their drivers. However, some companies pay a flat rate upfront for their truckers who begin a layover. The actual amount of layover pay varies greatly. It can range anywhere from $20 to even $80 for 24 hours. Several companies pay their drivers an hourly rate for each hour they are detained. Some companies choose to pay for a motel for their drivers if the layover is overnight.

Detention Pay Rate

Detention pay is similarly up to the discretion of the company. But in this case, the shipper or receiver pays for the detention pay instead of the trucking company. This is because the shipper or receiver is the company responsible for the detention time. When a trucker is unable to load or unload their load in the allotted time, it is the receiving or shipping company that is at fault. Most companies will include a clause in their contract with a shipper that says that shippers or receivers have to pay detention pay. This clause protects drivers from detention time.

How to Avoid Detention

One way to avoid detention time is to communicate with your shipper or receiver. If you know the company that you will be shipping to, you can contact them beforehand and make sure the details of your shipment time are correct. You may already have an appointment time, say with a larger company, and you will have to stick to that time. If you arrive early, they might not be ready to accommodate you. In this case, the detention time is your fault. If you arrive late to the shipment, they might not be able to accommodate you anymore. This detention time would be your doing as well. If you find yourself arriving early to an appointment, call on your way to see if they will be able to take you early. If not, you might have to find a place to park or drive around until they are ready for you. This can cost more money and fuel.

What to Do During a Trucking Layover or Detention

A great way to pass the time during a layover is to exercise. You can find a place to park your truck and work out inside the truck or even run outside. Not only is exercising a good way to pass time, but it will also improve your health. Long hours on the road sitting down can lead to health problems such as heart disease. In order to prevent this, you should try to get some aerobic exercise in as often as possible. Another way to pass the time that a lot of drivers recommend is to discover museums and other attractions. Wherever you are, you can search for nearby museums on your phone! You never know what museums will be near you, from naval museums to motor museums!

Now you know all about trucking layovers and detention! As a trucker, you will learn how best to manage your time and avoid layovers and detention. Make sure you’re aware of the company’s layover pay and policy when you browse trucking jobs. 

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  1. Very good explanation. I have attempted to explain this to our drivers, in the past, and will refer to items in your article in future discussions! Thanks!

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  2. this is very helpful in understanding the charges of trucking companies like who should pay the detention fee. helps me in processing invoices.

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  3. What if delay is caused by ‘weather’? Have broker claiming since was ‘act of God’ they should be able to shirk responsibility of detention and declare it a layover… thoughts?

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  4. Question : ::
    If the Driver is pay layover and Detention ,it is legal for your company to take away money from that?

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  5. Im with a company and i have been in a hotel for a week making no money and paying for my hotels out of pocket what do i do

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