Trucker Tales: Best Stories from the Road

Trucker Tales: Best Stories from the Road
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When you have a career that involves tiresome shifts, high levels of responsibility, strict schedules to maintain and long treks cross-country you’re bound to encounter some bumps in the road. But, some of the silliest things that happen on the road can make for some of the best tales to tell. I’ve compiled my favorites from all over the web.


The first story is one everyone can relate to…especially for those of us that indulge in mid-afternoon catnaps.

 “After running hard a couple of days, I pulled onto a get on ramp on I 70 in Kansas for a short power nap about 1 hour before sunset. I got into the sleeper and left the curtain open a little. Just as the sun was on the horizon I woke up thinking I’d slept all night and this was sunrise and I was late! I jumped into the drivers seat barefooted and starting hauling a** it took a few miles for me to compute, I was heading westbound into a SETTING SUN and I hadn’t slept all night.”- allniter (via Reddit)


The following excerpt comes from a blog called Trucker Tales. Waking up quickly in states of confusing seem to be an on-going trend in hilarious stories from truck drivers.

 “I decided to pull over at a cafe to take a quick power nap and turned my phone alarm on. As it was winter and really cold, I left my truck running so I could keep the heating on. While I was asleep another truck must have parked opposite me. When my alarm went off I snapped awake, forgetting where I was and thinking that I had nodded off while driving. I slammed my foot on the brake and screamed.  I almost had a heart attack!  And I know I scared myself good because I decided to walk over to the café to get a coffee and as I walked in the guy behind the counter took one look at me and asked, “Are you okay?””- Source:


…and here’s a tale about some “horsing around” while on the road.

 “I was on the New Jersey turnpike at about 3 am with a load of pork coming out of PA. I’m just driving along singing along to the radio when I notice a shadow way up in high beams. I start slowing down and try to figure out what this thing is. I thought maybe it was a deer or something. No, it wasnt a deer, it was a goddamned horse. There was a horse trotting down the interstate.”- BulittDude (via Reddit)


Although this story was not told firsthand by a trucker, it was such a shocking one that I had to include it. It involves a “Lot Lizard” who apparently doesn’t like small dogs…

“I got picked up by a trucker once when I was hitch hiking. He told me about a time when a hooker came up to his truck window and his Chihuahua freaked out and started barking at her (I don’t think it bit her or anything) so she called the cops about his dog and when the cops showed up they asked her why she was going up to his window, her response: “I was offering to read him a bedtime story.” She went to jail for prostitution that night.”- Bluesmanfromthepast (via Reddit)


The final story from the road is less humorous and more heartwarming.

“I was in a pretty bad car accident on my way to college. My grandparents drove me, since my parents were working and I had way too much shit to take on a plane. We were driving on I-80 in Pennsylvania. I was asleep in the back seat, so I’m not exactly sure what happened. We think my grandmother had a minor stroke while driving. In any case, we swerved off the road, rolled over a few times and smashed up the car (and ourselves) pretty good. Thankfully, no other cars were involved.

I have always wanted to say thank you to the truckers who helped us that day. 3 guys from 3 different trucks ran over to assist. One gave my grandfather a handkerchief to staunch the bleeding on his face. Another sat next to my trapped grandmother and held her hand until help arrived. Another guy hung out close to me as I sat in the grass in a daze, staring at my fucked-up knee. I remember that the two of us watched all of my earthly possessions as they rolled and scattered on the highway. Anyway, my grandparents and I went to the hospital and now we’re all a-ok.

The best thing those truckers did? Those dudes picked up ALL of my colored pencils from the road. All of them. They were all scratched up and had road grit in them, but those guys took the time to give me back a part of my life. Unbelievable guys. I will always have complete respect for them.”- jedimeg (via Reddit)


Want to share your own interesting story from the road? Comments are welcome!



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  1. I just picked up a load of Cool whip, whipped cream in Waseca , Minnesota. The load was going to Atlanta, Living in southwest Wisconsin, I cut down through northwest Iowa to go home for the weekend. I was running with a flatbed, He was in front and passed a Hostess truck. But I couldn’t pass him because it turned double yellow. And in the middle of countryside of cornfields, he brings the truck to a panic dead stop. Then takes off. I get on the radio, I ask him what the hell he was doing …. No answer. I dont if he had a radio , but I hollered on the CB. You just about got a load of Whip cream, all over your Ding Dongs !

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