Truck Driver Recruitment – Tips for Hiring Gen Z
Truck Driver Recruitment - Tips for Hiring Gen Z -

Truck Driver Recruitment – Tips for Hiring Gen Z

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If you thought those pesky Generation Y kids were tough to understand, get ready for Gen Z.  Your truck driver recruitment plan should include this new generation. Practically born with an iPhone in hand, and a twitter handle on their birth certificate, recruiters are already looking at these 15 to 20 year-olds as the new generation of truckers.

Gen Z Rising

            Also know as the iGeneration, Gen Z consists of those born in the late 90s to early 2000s. Known for their adoption of mobile technology and social media, they are the first generation to be born directly into the technology boom. In 2020, Gen Z will make up almost 40% of all consumers, and almost nearly as many workers. With that being said, trucking companies are already looking for ways to turn Gen Z into Gen T (as in trucking).

What Gen Z Wants

            The online recruiter Monster recently conducted a multi-generational survey that included Generation Z, and the findings were quite interesting.

“At this stage in the recruiting game, employers looking to attract future talent need to expand their focus beyond Millennials to understand the next generation’s unique, practical job must-haves, and proactively develop a working environment that will keep them happy and motivated,” noted Seth Matheson, Monster’s director of talent fusion, in a statement.

One of the biggest findings shows that Gen Z thinks that a job in more than just a means to making money. The study showed that 74% of Gen Z want their job to have meaning other than just “bringing home the bacon.”

Don’t let that stat fool you though; Gen Z is still very financially driven and independent, with almost half of them desiring to own their own business.

Finally, it’s no secret that the younger generation is very pro-technology, with almost 60% of those polled agreeing that technology makes more productive.

Truck Driver Recruitment for Gen Z

            So how can trucking companies go about recruiting this new generation? We already know that trucker retention has been an issue, so how do we turn this new batch of able workers into dedicated truckers?

Well, the first step is to embrace the technology. With a growing number of apps and technology invading the trucking industry, it’s time to stress to new recruits that you’re willing to embrace this technology. If you’re willing to adapt for your employees, they’ll be willing to adapt for you.

It’s also important to develop your personal brand. Having a strong social media presence will create the perfect outlet to reach potential Gen Z employees. Remember that the most important thing is to embrace the ideas of this new generation, because this growing generation is the future of your company.

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