Stay Cool: 5 Tips for Summer Trucking
Stay Cool: 5 Tips for Summer Trucking -

Stay Cool: 5 Tips for Summer Trucking

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A lot of time is spent giving truck drivers tips on how to stay safe during the winter or beat the cold weather blues. But summer is in two months. I repeat, TWO months! And the weather is already starting to heat up. Once summer arrives, it is projected to be one of the hottest on record. And besides looking out for teen drivers hitting the road when class lets out, there other tips for summer trucking you should look out for. Don’t you want to know how to stay cool during those long drives down the highway?

Sitting in a hot cab all day long can be brutal and even unhealthy. We’ve compiled a list of 5 summer trucking tips to help you beat the heat this summer while killing it on your truck driving game.

Stay Cool: 5 Summer Trucking Tips

You may not think being inside a car all day can affect your health. But I’m here to tell you that sadly, you’re wrong. If you don’t know how to stay cool in your car or protect yourself from harmful UV rays, then here are some summer trucking tips to help you out.

1. Apply, Reapply, Then Apply Again

If you are someone with fair skin, you know what I’m talking about. But, even if you wouldn’t consider yourself to be pale, it is still VERY important to apply sunscreen. “Trucker’s Arm,” is a real thing and while it may be a funny tan line, consistent sun exposure to the same spot can be dangerous. Go to your local drug store and check out different sunscreen options. And although it may be uncomfortable, there are things like sun sleeve that protect the skin from the sun. If that’s not your style, try using a window cover or visor.

2. Stay Hydrated

Now you don’t need to start participating in the gallon challenge, but keep a case of water or a few larger bottles in your cabin with you. Just like keeping healthy snacks around is helpful, staying hydrated will keep you awake and focused. When you’re dehydrated, you can often feel sluggish and exhausted, or even nauseous. Plus, what’s better than reaching for an ice cold bottle of water on a hot day? And if you have any back aches while driving, you can always freeze a bottle and use it as an ice pack.

3. Watch for Extreme Weather

While the winter may bring snow and ice storms, summer months can bring some gnarly thunderstorms and extreme heat waves. Slick roads can be a nightmare. Be sure to get your breaks and tires checked at the beginning of the season. Hot temperature can erode or fade brakes quicker. Doing this regularly will also be beneficial for any upcoming seasonal inspections. You may be trying to stay cool temperature wise, but this tip can help cool your nerves as well.

4. Check Traffic Reports

Summer months show an increased number of drivers on the road. Travelers going on vacation and teens out for the summer will be joining you at all hours of the day for different reasons. Whoever it is, look out for them. You should always remain alert and cautious on the road, but this season amp up those levels. A big truck plus more people means more accidents.

5. Pack a Hardhat

Okay, not literally, but watch out for people wearing them. Because of the warmer weather, construction companies will have more workers out on the road. You should always be careful when passing through construction zones because you would never want to hit a worker. And while it can be difficult to slow down your big rig flying down the hallway, make sure to hit the breaks sooner rather than later. Fines and fees skyrocket in construction areas.

Listen to Summer Trucking Tips Here! #BigRigBanter

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