The Most Scandalous Crimes Committed by Truckers

The Most Scandalous Crimes Committed by Truckers
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Anyone involved in the trucking industry knows that life on the road can be lonely, hard and even depressing at times – but, many of us don’t know what we would do without this career choice, so when time’s get tough, we manage.

Some manage by picking up new hobbies that can help with stress relief, such as exercising, or even… murder? Yup, you read that right. While there are thousands of truckers that spend their rare bits of spare time being productive and even philanthropical, some drivers in the past chose to wreak havoc.


To start, we’ll go over some of the most gruesome murders committed by truck drivers who decided the title “serial killer” was a bit more suiting.

Famous Trucking Crimes

1. John Robert WilliamsWilliams was a long-haul trucker who was convicted of 2 murders in the south (Texas and Mississippi), linked to seven more and is thought to be responsible for up to 12 murders overall. Both known victims were young women, ages 19 and 20. This boastful, young man was only found out after bragging about one of the murders to a friend, who then tipped the police.

2. Keith Hunter Jesperson – Jesperson, or “the Happy Face Killer”, was another truck driver that took advantage of his frequent travels and confessed to murdering people all across the United States. He only became a suspect following the murder of his fiance. When he was brought in for questioning, he allegedly confessed to over 150 murders. Jesperson’s antics earned him three life sentences in an Oregon prison.

3. Sean Patrick Goble – Goble was an unlikely suspect considering that most people who knew him referred to him as a gentle giant (he was 6’3” and weighed over 300 lbs.) or really considerate and generous. Although when they found a dead woman on the side of the road in Virginia who had been run over with a big rig and had Goble’s fingerprints all over her, it was kind of a dead give away. After being apprehended, Goble allegedly confessed to two other murders.

4. Scott William Cox – Cox terrorized the northwest, murdering two woman in Portland and beating many more in the region. Cox is suspected of up to 20 more cases, but was only convicted of the two murders in Portland, and served 25 years. He was released in 2013, and will remain on parole throughout the rest of his life.


Well, enough with the infamous murderers, and on to the drivers who chose kidnapping as a side hobby.

5. Timothy Jay VafeadesVafeades was accused of keeping sex slaves in his truck with him for months on end, repeatedly raping them, beating them, and even filing down their teeth. The man was convicted of a slew of crimes related to this, including kidnapping. Four more alleged victims came out following this, but there have been no further convictions so far.

6. Timothy Zickuhr – I guess there’s something about the name Timothy… but anyway, do you all remember Zickuhr from the show Ice Road Truckers? Well, he was accused of kidnapping a prostitute in Las Vegas who he believed stole money from him. He allegedly tied the woman up and kept her in a closet. He later admitted that he planned to put the woman on Craigslist and try to make money off of her.


7. Cesar Carillo-Gomez – More recently, Carillo-Gomez, a California based truck driver was convicted of transporting more than $1 million in heroin and other drugs. This is barely mentionable after the massive amount of illegal drugs the man was carrying, but his license was also expired at the time.

8. Mauro Cano Moreno – Moreno was a trucker in south Texas that was accused of transporting 132 pounds of cocaine, which has a worth of a little over $4 million.

I mean, we’re all a little low on cash at times, but never resort to drug trafficking.


So, the next time you cuss at a fellow driver, drive a little too fast, or merge without a signal, you can sleep well at night knowing that it’s definitely not the worst thing a truck driver has ever done. But, in all seriousness, these crimes are no joke. Please contact authorities if you suspect someone might be in danger.

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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