The Art of the Trucker Selfie

The Art of the Trucker Selfie
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Move over, teenage girls, there’s a new leader in the world of selfie…truckers. As technology becomes more and more heavily used to pass free time in the trucking industry, more and more professional commercial drivers are embracing the selfie life. (Note- Taking selfies while operating your truck is stupid. Don’t do it!) Truckers love selfies because for those of us who thrive on attention or like to share our vagabond lives with the world, its a perfect way to put ourselves out there! So whether you are embracing the selfie trend or scoffing at the whole concept, you can’t help to admit that its a little bit interesting. And, no matter what, its always funny to catch grown men in the act of taking a picture of themselves (even if we are guilty of doing the same.)

The Trucking Selfie Snapchat

You know when you catch a hilarious moment–like maybe you pull up to a red light and see the vehicle next to you and notice the driver is picking their nose? Snapchat it. It’s a perfect way to to send your friends up to 10 seconds of laughs. It’s also a great way to touch base with the people in your life. But, more and more of our country’s drivers are turning the camera to themselves. Sending their faces to their significant others who may not see them as often as they wish or to a family member that lives far away. These can be serious or straight-up silly and unflattering pictures. But, the best part…the embarrassing evidence automatically disappears. It’s almost like the selfie never even happened.

The Big Rig Reflection Selfie

This type of selfie is becoming a bit of trend in the trucking industry. Its basically when a person in a truck takes a picture of a shiny truck and ends up showing their reflection in the truck. Its like a classic mirror selfie, but a bit more rugged, wouldn’t you say?

The Trucker Videoblogger Selfie

Video blogging while on the road is a great practice. First, its like being able to keep a journal of all the cool places you get to travel without having to jot down a single thing. Also, for those truckers among us that especially social media its a great way to create content you can share on all your pages. It makes for an excellent hobby for the tech-savvy truck driver. You can also build a bunch of connections online with people just like you who share the similar lifestyles. The friendships you build from online communities are a really special one. Plus, the videos you take are a superb way to share your travels with your friends and family who may be curious about how you’re doing. Show them first hand! Plus, who knows. Your video blogs could become the next big internet sensation.  So take those video selfies. (Just be careful recording while driving–obviously keep both hands on the wheel by using a stand for your camera.)

The Selfie-Instagramming Driver

Instagram is one of the most popular forms of social media out there. Especially for those of us who have too short of attention spans (looking at pictures is so much better than reading long annoying Facebook posts, let’s be real.) But, drivers are taking selfies of themselves and sharing them using hashtags like “truckerproblems”, “trucker life”, etc. They also are posing in front of their rigs and showing off!

The Trucker with a Pet Selfie

In another post I’ve mentioned that about 40% of truckers kept a pet with them while driving. And, when you’ve got adorable pooches and kitty cats on board, you’re going to be tempted to share some selfies with those loveable creatures.

The Selfie Trucker Cameo

This selfie is the most rare of them all. Its when random drivers stuck in traffic decide to take a selfie that you photobomb.

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