Rehiring Former Drivers
Rehiring Former Drivers -

Rehiring Former Drivers

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It’s no secret that truck driver retention has been a problem for many companies over the years. With a volatile market and a lifestyle that just isn’t cut out for everyone, it can be tough to keep drivers employed as well as find new truckers. This is why rehiring former drivers has become the main focus for many companies when attempting to keep their rigs filled. You might think “the one that got away” is gone for good, but there are a few ways that companies and truckers can still link back up. Here are some tips on how to hire truck drivers.

Tips For Rehiring Former Drivers


All is not lost after a company and a trucker part ways. In fact, many companies are beginning to put an emphasis on former employee recruitment. Many companies see it as a safer investment because they’ll be hiring someone who already has experience and knows the company, instead of having to train someone who may have just received their CDL.

Many companies will take the time to pursue former drivers, even if you didn’t leave on the best terms. Both sides should be honest and open about why the driver left, and what it would take for them to return. Rehiring former drivers shouldn’t just rehash old arguments; it should be a productive way to many changes and compromises that suit everyone’s needs.

It’s possible that the old cause for friction is no longer there, for instance, maybe a previous boss was especially tough on employees. If that boss no longer works there, it might be a better working environment for former drivers.

Think Long-Term

Many truckers and companies will assume that if it didn’t work the first time, then why would it work now? Even if you don’t end up linking back up, both employee and employer can benefit from having a conversation. Rehiring former drivers should be a continuous conversation. It might not be the right time to rehire right now, but in a few months, the landscape could change.

In addition, research performed by Strategic Programs across a variety of trucking fleets shows that rehiring someone up to two times after the initial hire does not have a negative effect on performance or productivity. This means that just because you may have split before, this does not mean that it will affect performance and the relationship.

Address the Split Before it Happens

Finally, the best tip for rehiring former drivers is to make sure the connection is never severed in the first place. Truckers shouldn’t be viewed as disposable, so it’s important that a relationship is grown and cultivated between employer and employee. It’s important to address any issues as soon as they come up. Have a monthly meeting with employees to discuss any problems that may arise. Allowing problems to go unacknowledged will only decrease the chances of rehiring former drivers.

Maintaining long-term relationships with drivers and former drivers is a recipe for success in an increasingly experience-driven work environment. Remember, success requires a long-term perspective, and companies that see people as valuable assets have the most to gain from this type of program. Having a solid resignation process as well as an exit interview can also help identify issues that may be pushing employees out the door.

Make sure that rehiring former drivers becomes a valuable recruiting source for your company. These former drivers are valuable members of your team that have the experience and knowledge to help your company keep on trucking.

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