No Tokes for Truckers: Marijuana and Truck Drivers

No Tokes for Truckers: Marijuana and Truck Drivers
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Despite the fast-growth of support for legal medical marijuana and the decriminalization for selling, using, and buying pot for recreational purposes in some parts of the country; truck drivers still don’t know what the deal is. It is a tricky topic. Some places allow legalization of cannabis on a state level. However, the FDA does have the ultimate say. Also, what is the protocol for CDL holders? Truck drivers want to know if it possible to hold both a valid commercial driving license and a medical marijuana card. What about transporting legal marijuana across state lines into a place where it is not legal?

Can truck drivers smoke marijuana in places where it is legal to do so?

The Department of Transportation’s Office (DOT) of Drug and Alcohol Policy remains resilient in its regulations expecting that drivers keep THC out of their systems. However, it wasn’t until 2012, that DOT even needed to address the issue of marijuana and truck drivers. After Colorado and Washington began legalizing small amounts of recreational marijuana, the question of truck drivers and pot-use started coming up frequently.

The “safety-sensitive” transportation employees who must refrain from (the even legalized medical) marijuana-use include pilots, school bus drivers, truck drivers, train engineers, subway operators, aircraft maintenance personnel, transit fire‐armed security personnel, ship captains, and pipeline emergency response personnel, among others. Basically, if truck drivers fail drug tests, Medical Review Officers will not tolerate the results even if you have a valid medical marijuana prescription.

What happens when drivers fail drug tests for marijuana use?

When a driver tests positive for marijuana in their system, regardless the circumstances,  the employer must terminate that employee based off of DOT’s regulations. One issue is that even a driver who smoked legally in their home-state may fail a blood test even if they did not necessarily think they were “impaired” at the time of testing. This is because marijuana stays in your blood’s system much longer than alcohol. According to the Journal of AACC, a daily smoker’s THC levels can remain in their system up to 30 days. A 2007 study even concluded that a person can be completely sober yet fail a test due to cannabis in their blood. The law considers truck drivers with any trace of marijuana in their system as impaired.

How does cannabis-use impair driving?

A Canadian study concluded that it was twice as likely for drivers that have used cannabis within a 3 hour period to have an accident than someone who did not.

However, other findings suggest that statistically speaking, habitual marijuana-users are better drivers than non-users. “The hypocrisy of it all is that if you get caught driving under the influence of marijuana, you will be fined and perhaps thrown into jail. What’s worse is that your insurance rates will definitely increase due to the traffic violation,” says JamesShaffer, CEO of

Another study found that only 30 percent of participants that used marijuana failed field-sobriety tests despite the fact that they were under the influence.

However, all the research is purely just research; it doesn’t mean that the law or DOT have to agree. So what does that mean for truck drivers? Just don’t do it!

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    • You can still face l lawsuit from someone you hit in an accident.

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  1. Unfortunately, “Just don’t do it!” isn’t acceptable for the responsible, intelligent, hardworking, and taxpaying citizen that chooses to use an alternative medicine.

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    • It is amazing, anyone can go to the dr. And get prescribed pain killers,amphetamines and other highly abbused drugs,and drive a commercial vehicle because they have a prescrition. But i cant get off work and have a little smoke to relax,something proven to be healthy, instead i drink to unwind. Say what you want, its my choice to what helps me cope, only the responsible drivers would never smoke weed and drive a tractor trailer, so we get punished in our down time for the idiots who just dont care about safety of others.

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  2. Marijuana helps me sleep. So what is worse? A sleepy driver or a well rested driver? I’m pretty sure that if you drive a 70 foot long 80,000 pound vehicle at 60 mph down the highway with your eyes closed and unconscious, is far more dangerous than being conscious and alert with your eyes open.

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  3. This is why Americans don’t follow laws. Our laws aren’t in place to protect lives (eating too many animal products account for 12 out of the 15 leading causes of death in the US), our laws are in place to protect industrial profits. Marijuana will take over the oil, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. The only question you should be asking yourself is “what side of history do you wish to end up on?”

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    • I am a comercial Diver & I work on a crew that everyone has to be ready or something could go really wrong. I would much rather have someone that stayed home and smoked some pot last night running my mixed gas rack over some asshole that went to the bar til 2 a.m.. Now having a “DUMB day” keep that drunk bastard OFF MY DECK & send me a pothead PRETTY PLEASE

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  4. The U.S. government is a joke! Just look at this presidential race. We have a reality T.V. star running for office & one of the biggest lyers in Washington running. Do you REALLY expect anything smart to come from the federal government? If you do i have a Planet I want to sell you. Obama is the BEST thing America has seen for at least 30 years. We need young ambitious leaders that are willing to research medical marijuana so they can see smoking pot is way better than bottles and bottles of pain killers & muscle relaxers that destroy your liver!

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  5. Will smoking weed affect me getting my license at all? I know i have to do a urine test. But will that become a problem for getting my truck license? Do i need to quit? I dont smoke and drive just at night time before bed.

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  6. I couldn’t agree more with all these comments, smoking weed is a much healthier alternative too drinking or using hard “legal” drugs, weed is not a drug, it’s a plant put here on Gods green earth for us to use as we see fit! Anyone that believes the bs propaganda that has been around for almost the last century needs to wake the hell up or better yet mind they’re own damn business, we have the right too enjoy ourselves in our own time, I’m a father of three children, a veteran and a hard working tax paying citizen that respects the rights and saftey of others, like many other drivers out there I have medical problems that marijuana treats my symptoms better than anything I’ve tried! Unfortunately I have to deal with my pain like everyone else due to a fear of some asshole texting or driving impaired that may commit idiot suicide using my tractor as the weapon! To think we don’t have to cause the accident yet end up in jail then court being sued for THC in our system from the night before, even though after smoking the night before we are well rested and ready for business up and running early in the morning usually before the average drunk is passing out!!! Sad! And to answer the question about getting your license you will be fine, just landing a job will be the tough part due too strict DOT regulations and presceen drug test, no urinalysis for your license, there will be a screening for your medical card, I could have melted the cup on mine but they are only checking for state of health, unless it’s your future employer pasting for it, if so unfortunately you’ll have to clean up!

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