Lifehacks ALL Truckers Need to Know to Survive Winter

Lifehacks ALL Truckers Need to Know to Survive Winter

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It might still be fall but before we know it, Old Man Winter will be contentiously  knocking at our door. And with it, will come all those dreaded winter driving challenges. But, luckily, some of these pesky seasonal pitfalls can be made easier with some handy-dandy tricks that you can do with items you likely already have laying around.

Fix the Fog on the Fly

During colder months, fogged up windshields can become an extreme nuisance as well as a completely dangerous condition while operating your rig. Sure, rolling down the winter is an obvious way to put the window out and bring in some fresh air. Alternatively, to clear fog without leaving the lint from paper towels or those free fast food napkins, consider using a chalkboard eraser to clear smudges with ease and no mess.

If you want to prevent windshield fog try these tips:

  • Keep a pair of pantyhose with kitty litter to absorb water in your truck if you’re parking it overnight. As weird as it sounds, it’ll keep the air dry and prevent fogging.
  • Avoid leaving drinks or water bottles in your rig because the liquids become frost on the interior windows.
  • Blasting the AC is the best defroster you can find.
  • If you are out of commercial defogger, shaving cream is a great alternative because it has a lot of the same ingredients and is a layer to prevent fogging.

Spare Socks Save Lives

Chances are, you’ve got plenty of socks with you during your transport travels. This is great in the winter because socks are cheap, small, and can be used as makeshift helpers in a myriad of winter situations.

  • Attach socks to wiper blades at night to keep snow off them. Simply raise them to keep snow off.
  • If you for some reason have to walk in snow or ice, apparently putting socks on top of your shoes can add a lot of traction.
  • They can be used to wipe foggy windshields as well.

De-ice Frozen Handles with Household Items

I used to know someone who drove a soft-top convertible and in the winter their handles would freeze shut so much they stopped bothering to even lock it anymore. They obviously never tried the following hacks for frozen door handles:

  • Try heating your car key with a lighter before gently pushing the key into the lock to melt the ice.
  • Blow your hot breath through a drinking straw into the frozen lock to melt the ice.
  • Rub your door handle with hand sanitizer. The alcohol in it will help melt the ice and get your door open.

“Freshen Up” Headlights with Toothpaste

In the winter, with long dark nights and inclement weather, having good headlight visibility is everything. All you need to do is cover your headlights with toothpaste and rinse off with warm water. It will make the clarity of your lights much better and are a whole heck of a lot cheaper than the kits they sell in the store. Plus, it’s likely you already have some toothpaste on hand ready to go if you decide your headlights need to a little freshening up.

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