Let’s Get REAL About Lot Lizards

Let’s Get REAL About Lot Lizards
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We’ve all heard of those ladies (and gentleman) of the night that have been rumored to roam truck stops seeking out lonely drivers. In this business, they’re affectionately known as “Lot Lizards” due to their tendency to crawl from truck to truck soliciting drivers seeking money for sexual acts or drugs (sometimes both). They also can be referred to as a “Pavement Princess”, “Sleeper Leaper,” or whatever tickles your fancy.  But, all kidding aside, they’re still a major issue in the industry. It’s dangerous, illegal, and honestly a health hazard (um hello, STDs)!

“Lot Lizards” give a whole new meaning to the phrase “pimp my ride.”

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The “types of lot lizards” according to TruckertoTrucker.com:

  • CB Chameleon: Truck drivers have frequently reported hearing women appear on CB airwaves asking if anyone needs company or is looking for a date.
  • Wandering Whiptail: Apparently some “Lot Lizards” will approach lonely truckers offering company or just to talk. Sometimes they’re looking to hitch your wagon for a free ride. But, watch out for your wallet! They also are on the prowl to snatch some free money or valuables from vulnerable truckers.
  • Knocking Skink: “Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?”….the taps of a lot lizard hitting their nails against the window of your cab at 3am.
  • Gungho Gecko: “Can be seen frantically scampering around the lot on a crank-fueled, trick turning binge.”
  • Horntail Housewife: Apparently, some unsavory characters will “conduct their business” in a frequently traveling trucker’s residence. And although they like to play house with the trucker in a territorial sense, they will sell their “services” to others when the driver is away.
  • Spiny Desert Dealer: Another type of lot lizard is the type that will try to peddle drugs to truck drivers. They pretty much are door-to-door salesman for illegal substances.
  • Yellow-Bellied Wine-N-Diner: This final specialty of reptilian will keep a trucker company as an escort outside of the rig. However, they usually have a crew of people ready to rummage through your valuables while your truck is left unattended.

These stereotypes presented in a light-hearted matter can actually come in all shapes and sizes. And, it’s a problem that is not okay. Not only is it a dangerous lifestyle for the sex-workers themselves with stories of violence happening in illegal prostitution, but also can be a huge reason why truckers fall victim to robberies.

The Suffering on the Other Side

But there’s two sides to every story and as much of a nuisance we feel these workers are, it may not be their fault. Some suffer from crack-addictions, some just are homeless seeking a place to stay, and some are just hard up for quick money. Others are even less fortunate. Young boys and girls sometimes get tricked into the sex trade by abusive pimps that manipulate them into working, take all their profits, and threaten harm to them and their family if they try to escape.

The reality about sex workers that prey among drivers at truck stops is that many of them are forced into the industry. Organizations such as Truckers Against Trafficking exist to get members of the transportation and travel plaza industry to help fight against sex trafficking.

Between the years of 2004 and 2009, the FBI put together a series of stings across the nation’s truck stops according to the Huffington Post. They found a shocking number of pimps crawling the premises exploiting young girls and boys.

According to Truckers Against Trafficking:

  • Truckers have called the National Human Trafficking over 1,110 times
  • Law enforcement has investigated 60% of the cases called into the hotline from truckers
  • These phone calls have found 360 potential human trafficking cases

Shedding Light on Lot Lizards

According to the documentary, Lot Lizard, a whole economy of sex and drugs thrives through online message boards and Craigslist to find interstate intercourse and illicit drugs. They can be seen wandering from cab to cab asking things to truckers like if they want company or if they can use their CB-radios. Oftentimes, they are able to flee on the first sign of police to the scene because truckers will alert them over radio.

lot lizard

Photo courtesy Alexander Perlman.

To Catch a Lot Lizard:

  • “Looking for commercial company?” or “Any commercial out there tonight?” are common phrases sex workers use
  • Sex workers keep themselves in a “safe truck” as home base when security or police start to prowl
  • “What color is your house?” is what prostitutes will ask over CB-Radio to find out which truck is yours
  • “40-60-80” means $40 for oral sex, $60 for sex, and $80 for both


How big of a problem are “Lot Lizards?” We welcome your comments!

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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  1. What about the female truck stop employee’s that”date” drivers? I think thats pretty common as well.

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    • I’ve been in the trucking industry for over 20 years yes it was quite bad in the 90s but now most of it is gone you hardly even see them anymore

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      • Really? That’s good to know, right?

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  2. My husband just called me about one asking if he was married. She/he tried opening his door and he grabbed the handle and slammed and locked it. Twenty minutes later another knock on door. He contacted store and store says they will have police come out in unmarked car. Its sickening how these people stoop themselves this low.

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    • What state was this in? I hear about all kinds of stories

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  3. I have a friend who meets women online who are also lot lizards. They look.for company on craigslist and other dating sites. They pose as just looking to hook up, dating. … well this man kept hooking up with the same women, come to find out she had HIV and cuts on her tongue. He used condoms, but when they were done her piercing ripped the condom. You just never know what is going to happen. If you are married, stay Faithful! If you are bored, lonely and just looking make sure you know what you are getting into. Sad sad world.

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  4. Lot Lizards are the BEST!!! Great people. Wonderful service. I wish they had a Yelp page…

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      • If a trucker receives calls from a number like this 0000-008-8811 would it be for sex services.

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  5. I have had two knock on my door. One at Flying J in Tulsa OK. and one at Loves in San Antonio TX.

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  6. Personally, I think this is an important subject to tackle and a discussion worth having. So I decided to jump in and give a slightly different perspective than some of the usual ideas many have about Lot Lizards. Being a young male who has often spent time with other males who are on the road truckers, talking with them, occasionally riding with them, and “servicing their needs” I have gained some first hand knowledge of the inherent risks and troubles associated with “Lot Lizards.” I can only speak for myself though. I spend a lot of time at rest stops and in the cabs of semi’s because I truly enjoy it. No one forces me. I don’t work for anyone in that way. I don’t do it for money nor for drugs. I also would never ever harm anyone or steal from them. I have no communicable diseases and am very proactive about being checked on a regular basis. I owe that to myself and others because I am very sexually active. I realize that most overnight and momentary friends of truckers fit the descriptions given in the above peice but I just wanted to remind all you guys out there and everyone else that there are some of us who are just having fun. Meeting an ongoing and obvious need or at the least a want of many drivers out there. Not making it out to be something serious but always trying to keep the activitiy helpful and lighthearted. One of the reasons I even began this night time and occasional daytime journey of rest areas, off ramps, and truck stops was because I grew up in the late 90’s in a small town in the south where being gay was something to be kept secret. There was no real nightlife so to speak of at least not for guys interested in guys so looking for pleasure and company became an act of sneaking around. By chance one night I was out for a drive on a stretch of interstate and a trucker managed to get my attention and I got his too and what happened on a dark deserted off ramp in middle of nowhere Tennessee was a very fun time with a very nice and very appreciative guy. It all seemed so easy as well as exciting and a whole new world was opened up to me. I didn’t seek out this type of behavior. Instead it found it’s way to me by way of blinking headlights, the sound of a horn, and eventually an open door to the rig which aroused a mouthwatering curiosity in me. Now, on a regular basis, I look forward to all my guys who come through the area and they look forward to seeing me. It breaks up the monoteny of their long road trips. I also constantly get to meet new firends. Some just for a little while and others becoming long time buddies. Things are slowly changing though. These days with camaras everywhere, and tracking on rigs, and in an effort to make things safer, a more aggressive approach from law enforcement, rendevous such as this are becoming more difficult. In some ways that may be a good thing. I for one though like what I do and would hate to see it be completely eradicated. I dare say there are many truckers who feel the same. In the meantime I continue to go out cruising around making sure I’m being seen and having fun. That’s what it’s all about. No drugs. No drama. Just milking some good times out of the night. Be careful out there everyone. Have fun and remember to thank a trucker.

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  7. Let’s make known the dangers of “lot lizards,” but let’s also be clear that these people are still human beings. Let’s not dehumanize their existence, just because some may pose a nuisance and hazard. Some of these folks are forced into the matter, and most are in it for the wrong reasons. Be aware and keep yourselves safe, but be mindful that these are human beings we’re talking about. Not mere “lizards..”

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