Hurricane Safety Tips for Truck Drivers: Hauling Through Harvey

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Hurricane Harvey hit Texas hard in late August, and millions of people in the state are still reeling through what’s being considered one of the top disasters in U.S. history. The trucking industry, too, is feeling the hit of the hurricane and will likely continue to feel it for a long time, according to industry observers. The hurricane is directly hindering about seven percent of the industry and will continue to do so for at least the next two weeks, with regional trucking companies feeling it the most. Impact includes damage to shipments and equipment, washed out roads, and route changes or idle trucks, hikes in prices due to fuel costs rising, and pausing scheduled deliveries in order to take relief and emergency supplies to those in need. Although the trucking industry is reacting to the immediate impact of the hurricane, more storms are plowing for the U.S. this season, bringing to light the need for all of us to refresh on hurricane safety tips for truck drivers.

Hurricane Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

hurricane safety tips for truck drivers

Here are four hurricane safety tips for truck drivers as we are in the heart of hurricane season!

1.     Prepare for high winds

Before the hurricane even hits and the rain starts, there’s most likely going to be lots of strong winds in the area. Strong wind is dangerous for truck drivers because it can pull and sometimes even flip a tractor trailer. Trucks pulling dry vans or reefers are most at risk when it comes to high winds. Also, keep in mind that a strong wind gusts can damage a trailer even if it’s parked.

2.     Pay attention to weather warnings

Pay attention to weather warnings. If there is a state of emergency in a certain area, you may want to consider taking a different route or delaying shipment to that area. Also stay up to date on road conditions during hurricane season. The U.S. Department of Transportation keeps track of road conditions and closings, so check it out to make sure you’re heading toward safe ground.

3.     Be flexible

Be prepared for schedule delays and changes. Patience is key when your trucking route is being impacted by a hurricane. Since the weather is so unpredictable, there’s no saying just how long an area will continue to be impacted by the storm. Be flexible in this situation and prepared for anything.

4.     Avoid driving through high water

This one may seem obvious, but avoid driving through high water and don’t assume that piles of debris that you see are just branches and sticks. Hurricanes blow and float things around, so keep an eye on the road for any hazards up ahead. If you can’t see the road or you’re unsure, don’t just plow through it and continue onward. It’s better to stop then to run over something or someone you can’t see trapped by the storm.

Do you have any additional hurricane safety tips for truck drivers? Share with us in the comments below!

Hauling through Harvey: Trucking Industry Helps Harvey Victims

Keeping in mind hurricane safety tips for truck drivers, many companies across the U.S. are pitching in to help people in Texas. Trucking companies from as far away as Idaho and Iowa are sending deliveries full of donations and supplies to Texas. Has your trucking company done anything to help out Harvey victims? Let us know!

Here is a list of ways you can help Harvey victims, with or without your truck. Also, keep in mind that Hurricane Irma is making its way toward Florida. There’s a good chance that storm will impact many states and cities in the eastern U.S. Remember your hurricane safety tips for truck drivers, and be safe out there!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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