The Day the Trucks Stood Still

The Day the Trucks Stood Still

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We love and live in a world where our needs are met almost instantaneously. If we’re hungry we run down to the supermarket and grab some snacks, we love sending and receiving packages in the mail, and if we get hurt we just head on over to the hospital. But what some may be surprised to find out, is that the vast majority of our resources exist with such ease tangibility because of truck drivers.

Truck drivers can seem to live mysterious lives to the public. Sure we see them driving on the highway, but we don’t actually see the work behind who provides us with everything we need or want and how.

But what would happen if truck drivers didn’t drive trucks? Here is a rundown of what would happen over the course of a month if truck drivers didn’t exist.

A World Without Truck Drivers:

Day 1

In just 24 hours without truck drivers, the public would see an instant change to:

Healthcare: Access to prescriptions would be severely reduced at your local pharmacy and supplies at your local hospital would begin to drop.

Food: The grocery store you frequent will have little to no milk available.

Postal Services: Mail delivery of all kinds will stop immediately.

Week 1

After a week, the effect of no truck drivers would begin to take an even greater toll on societal functions:

Healthcare: Hospitals and clinics will exhaust the remaining supplies they have left including oxygen, medications, and basic care services.

Food: There will be no fresh produce, meat, bottled water or canned goods, causing people to begin hoarding their remaining goods.

Fuel: Gas stations will run out of fuel, causing all forms of public and private transportation to cease including airports. Shutting down transportation means loss of jobs for people who can no longer make it to work without a car, train, or bus. This also means that police stations and other emergency services would become unavailable. Should a catastrophic event or accident occur, trucks are the best way to deliver the services to those in need.

Sanitation: Trash pick up services would cease due to the lack of fuel, causing trash build up in the streets. Communities will begin to grow bacteria from the inability to dispose of waste via compactors and incinerators.

Cashflow: All stores, banks, and ATMs would run out of cash and ultimately shut their doors to the public.

Week 2

After two weeks, the lack of resources and services that fell during week one only grow to potentially irreversible effects:

Water: Access to clean water supplies would begin to dwindle. Water sanitation plants require precise chemicals, and without their delivers water cannot be purified for consumption or basic uses. Without clean drinking water or running water in homes, we would see an increase in waste build-up and illness.

Farming and Manufacturing: Most manufacturing companies would shut down due to the inability to operate their facilities without fuel, water, and lack of attendance. Farmers will no longer be able to support their crops and deliver them to grocery stores or other retail locations.

One Month

 Water: Our clean water supply would completely disappear. On average, the human body cannot survive one week without access to water.

Assembly Line and Common Jobs:  The loss of important jobs such as nurses, janitors, retail workers, and manual laborers would create depression size effects on the nation.

These are just the effects that would occur in around one month without truck drivers. You can find more information on the frightening and interesting facts about truck drivers and truck driving shortages from the AmericanTrucking Association.

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